“Who Were You When You Weren’t You?”

“Who Were You When You Weren’t You?” is a small [unfinished] image that I made from two photographs, one acrylic abstract, one digital painting, tissue paper, and a scan of paper pulp made from old advertising circulars. For those who are wondering, my favorite way of “creating art” is to assemble a mishmash of disparate images and materials (such as paper, thread, yarn, cardboard) then put them into digital layers and PLAY. Using the software tools I paint, edit, mask, enlarge, shift, and blend the pixels until the combined image makes my eyes happy. 

It’s that simple.


Paper Face (Part One)

Tempera paint sticks and paper – work-in-process

Have you ever tried tempera paint sticks? They’re what I used to sketch this face. It’s the foundation for what will be covered with bits of torn (and cut) paper. I love tearing pieces of paper then assembling them into something else. At this point I don’t know how much of the tempera face will show through the paper or how much I’ll leave uncovered. Everything depends on how the paper pieces and the paint react with the glue. It’s an exciting process!