Testing the Camera with Faces

Mixed media on canvas board @Robin King

Still testing the camera, this time with in-process faces. The brightly-colored one above is mixed media, mostly acrylic but some ink and paper, all on canvas board. It’s nearly complete. I’m pleased with how the colors turned out in the photo – they look almost the way I see them. Good result from the camera but when I shoot this piece for uploading to Redbubble some minor color edits may be needed. Maybe.

The face below has always fooled me. I never know when it’s finished so I never make adjustments to it on the canvas. Instead, I test them using Photoshop Elements to see if I like the changes. This test photo has been significantly edited because I just can’t resist doing that. The odd darkness across the left side of the face that looks like a very pointy mustache is a shadow – the main reason I used this canvas as a camera test. I needed to see how the camera handles extremes in light. Again, a good result. 

Acrylic on canvas ©️Robin Kng

However: when I took these pictures I was still overwhelmed by the many setting options on the camera and neglected to do the simplest task well. I didn’t check to see if I’d set it to manual focus or auto focus. Turns out it was on manual focus so everything’s a bit blurry. My fault entirely. The camera’s wonderful. 


Darkly Doodled

“GRRRRRRRRRR!” (©️Robin Kng)

Some people doodle happy horses, some cheery flowers. My doodles are usually scary or grumpy faces. Grouchy, irascible, frightening, creepy – all darkly doodled.

©️Robin King

And when I conjure sayings for products the results are usually similar: 


(In case you’re wondering, “Go Away” is available on comforters, shower curtains, toddlers’ tee shirts, and face masks – among other things. It’s a universal message. 🤣)

Just when you start to make progress, all HATS break loose.

Back here sooner than I planned because REDBUBBLE IS INTRODUCING NEW PRODUCTS: a baseball cap and a “Dad” cap. The “Dad” cap designation is new to me but maybe that’s because I’m not a Dad. And I never wear caps. Or hats.

So……….Even though I’ve finished only a few of the reorganizing projects I had to do this week, everything’s on hold because of HATS. Chaos returns and has brought a stadium full of raucous buddies with it.

Why? Because the images suitable for hats are a different size and type than the ones I’ve been making for more than a decade. I used to make (and sell!) tee shirt designs and cartoons but stopped to create other types of art. Unfortunately, designs and cartoons – if they’re even a little bit “trendy” – can age. Most of what I did before isn’t going to do well now. Today I’ve been searching through thirteen years of digital files for applicable work. Found a few pieces but that’s it. 

At this point I could stop, toss the old work into Redbubble’s uploader and call it a day. But you know what? Seeing all those goodies made me want to make new ones, and not only for hats. The transparent files they require can be applied to all of Redbubble’s products. I could stop but I don’t want to. I miss making tees, etc. And I miss the earnings. Can I make it work again? Even in the midst of TOTAL confusion because my entire world-of-art is still “upheaved?” Can I figure out how to do vectors well enough? Can I be funny again? I don’t know. All I know is this:

I have to try.

Consequently, I’ll be absent from WordPress for a few more days at least. Have fun, stay as fabulous as you are, and I’ll be back soon.



The Redbubble hats/caps are now available! If you click on the hat above you’ll go to the hat in my Redbubble shop (where there are other hats for sale).

I made the design using Amadine, a wonderful (and free) vector app. 


New Face: “If You Could Be Anyone Who Would You Be?”

New face: “If You Could Be Anyone Who Would You Be” (©️Robin King)

If you could be anyone who would you be? Do you know?

Would you be someone else? Or would you be you? 

New face – “If You Could Be Anyone Who would You Be”  is an acrylic painting combined with two digital drawings. You can find it in my Shop on Redbubble. 

New Face: “Who Is Behind Your Mask?”

New work! A new face!

I’m so excited – this is the first face I’ve done using the new camera and Affinity Photo and Pixelmator Pro. It’s six layers of photos, edited separately and as a group. Masks have always fascinated me. Now that so many in the people in the world live their lives behind them for survival and so many have confronted death while wearing them, I wanted to explore the idea of “the identity behind the mask.”  

It’s a complex concept and I only peeked below the surface with this face. Maybe I’ll do a series.

(“Who Is Behind Your Mask” is available as open edition prints in my Shop on Redbubble: robinking-faces.redbubble.com.)