Lightning Sketch

The past few days have been especially strange, but yesterday was downright frightening. We’ve been hit with storm after storm. Too much rain (bad enough) but then the thunder and lightning arrived, over and over again. “Popcorn” storms, they’re called. When the atmosphere is too hot and too wet it can burst into thunderstorms. The storms pop up suddenly, unexpectedly, like when you pop popcorn and the corn kernels burst in the air. 

Three times yesterday – THREE TIMES – thunder and lightning exploded simultaneously right outside my house. The walls shook. I jumped. Fortunately no damage was done. But I was scared. Expected thunder is bad enough. Predictable storms are bad enough. Lightning in the distance that produces crackling thunder is bad enough.

But these things yesterday? Awful. 

To release some of the tension (not unlike the way popcorn thunderstorms release heat and water from the atmosphere) I grabbed a couple of tempera paint sticks and a tube of acrylic paint, and made the face you see above. Quickly, frantically; then it was done.

We have more storms due today.

I’m not happy.