Hello, Vectornator!


A few minutes ago I downloaded Vectornator for Mac.

Vectors and I have a contentious history: they have no use for me and I’m very suspicious of their precision…their freaky neatness. How can anything be that sleek and tidy and clean? ::shivers::

Vectors are impossibly pristine and I’m Pig-Pen. What hope is there for our relationship?

So far, my vector explorations have been limited to Inkscape and a couple of phone apps. Maybe a different platform/interface will help us find a way to get along and enjoy each other. I’m hoping!

That’s where Vectornator comes in. Here’s my first Vectornator image:

“Clicking and Hoping”

Uhhh…LOL…it’s a start, right? The violet blob with the not-so-happy face is me, surrounded by vector confusion. I ran into trouble right away because the “Help” articles seem to have useful words but some of their supporting images don’t match what I have on my screen. They talk about tools that aren’t always where they say they’ll be, and some of them don’t have corresponding icons to look for.  So: I made that first image by clicking on everything. 

Clicking and hoping isn’t the easiest way to learn but it’s a lot of fun. I’ll figure it out!