Have You Tried “Image Tricks?”

"Summer Treats" ©️Robin King

I made the “Summer Treats” pattern using “Image Tricks” (BeLight Software). It’s an app designed for Macs and there’s free version that lets you make magic with existing images – and also generate new ones.

Here’s their page: https://www.belightsoft.com/products/imagetricks/

I’ve been using “Image Tricks” for years and have found it to be robust, easy to learn, and packed full of very cool features. Have you ever tried it? 

     (“Summer Treats” is available on the full range of Redbubble products)


Hair, Hair!

Not creepy.
Oooo…fascinating edges.

Textures! I love “not flat” images! I want my eyes to make me feel like I’m touching the art.

A few months ago I chopped off my “COVID hair” and finally (after years of dyeing) accepted the fact that it’s white. White, white, white. It’s been going white since I was in my mid-twenties so no surprise that now I look like I’ve been wandering hatless in a blizzard. 

Anyway, that hair up there is some of the last bits of the charade. Thanks to the lockdowns and isolation and now my gasping-for-air budget, hair care as I knew it is over. I kept the hair, tho. Creepy? Maybe. But why not use it, mixed into paint, for texture? Why not give it a new purpose? 

That applies to the honeycomb cardboard packing insert, too. I saved it from recycling to use it as a painting tool. I’ll press it into paint and then stamp the edges on the ground. Whatever it looks like ought to be interesting!

Stay tuned.


“The Secretary of Sleazy Corruption” – Eyes Only

“The Secretary of Sleazy Corruption”

Last post for the day: Several years ago I digitally combined cardboard, cut paper, acrylic ink, acrylic paint, and two photographs to create “The Secretary of Sleazy Corruption.”  Even now the piece give me chills, especially the eyes. There’s a special kind of hell behind them.

If you’re interested in seeing the eyes in context, here’s the entire image: https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/75622842

“Who Were You When You Weren’t You?”

“Who Were You When You Weren’t You?” is a small [unfinished] image that I made from two photographs, one acrylic abstract, one digital painting, tissue paper, and a scan of paper pulp made from old advertising circulars. For those who are wondering, my favorite way of “creating art” is to assemble a mishmash of disparate images and materials (such as paper, thread, yarn, cardboard) then put them into digital layers and PLAY. Using the software tools I paint, edit, mask, enlarge, shift, and blend the pixels until the combined image makes my eyes happy. 

It’s that simple.


Paper Face (Part One)

Tempera paint sticks and paper – work-in-process

Have you ever tried tempera paint sticks? They’re what I used to sketch this face. It’s the foundation for what will be covered with bits of torn (and cut) paper. I love tearing pieces of paper then assembling them into something else. At this point I don’t know how much of the tempera face will show through the paper or how much I’ll leave uncovered. Everything depends on how the paper pieces and the paint react with the glue. It’s an exciting process! 

All the Grass

“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”

This week is half over and I have to get back to work. I plan to paint and to work on a collage that will eventually be part of a tradigital piece. You can see details from both of them above. They don’t seem to have much in common, do they? Well, OK. Eyes! Both have eyes. Otherwise, the two activities aren’t very similar.

But that may be the point.

When I’m painting I “really” want to be working with mixed media (mostly paper) to make collages. When I’m snipping bits of paper I “really” want to be making gooey paint marks on canvas. Is that a failing? Or it is a natural extension of a curious mind? Or maybe it’s what happens when there’s surfeit of options but a dearth of self-control. Dunno. 

What I do know is that I love all the grass, green or greener, or even crispy brown. It’s all good in its time.