One Long Mark?

When you’re educated for or work in a field, you learn the terminology associated with it. You know: the words that all the other people know but you didn’t know until you knew you needed to know them? Jargon, lingo – the words with special meaning for the people who use them. THOSE words.

I’m still skating around the edges of an art education so I try to use my limited “art vocabulary” carefully.  I don’t want to insult anyone or make myself look even more uninformed than I am. One of the first words I picked up was “mark.” It’s a good word! Short, right to the art point, and clear in its meaning.

Or is it? See that goofy doodle up there? I drew it with a ballpoint pen in one long – very, very long – movement. It’s a crop. There’s a body attached to the head; the entire doodle’s about 12 inches high. I started at one point, then twisted and curved and doubled back and turned around and went forward and backward and…done. ::whew::

So, here’s my question, for those of you who know more art terminology than I do: Was that ONE LONG MARK?