“Volcano” Acrylic painting ©️Robin King – Available on the full range of Redbubble products, including prints.  (click image)

Volcanos: often fatal, frequently destructive, usually unpredictable, and, as far as I’m concerned, terrifying. There’s been an uptick in significant volcanic activity lately so I “painted out” some of my fears. 

Current activity: https://volcano.si.edu/gvp_currenteruptions.cfm

Fear? Faced.

(Digital painting ©️Robin King)

Re-starting this ancient blog was a dream. Now it’s reality. Here we are, a week in, and it’s paddling along nicely. But two weeks ago I was afraid to start the journey again. Dreams often fall to pieces when fear shows up. But we keep going, don’t we? Step by step we make progress and fear eventually falls behind.

Today I need to go to the supermarket and the post office. My dream is to return safely. Fear’s already plaguing me, though, sniping at that little dream. Assuming all goes well I’ll be back here in a few hours. 


Thank you for being there, for doing what you do, and for helping me make this blog-dream come true.