Look: Washbelly – Visual Artist

Just go to this blog: https://www.washbelly.com/blog

Read some of the entries. Check out the site itself: https://www.washbelly.com

Look at the art!

I don’t trust myself to tell you about it or even describe it because if I do I’ll likely turn all giddy about how much I love it, which, honestly, would be unnecessary. You’ll form your own opinion. You don’t need me and my over-the-top gushing.

But you have to click and look, and (I hope) read.

There’s no commenting, no interacting with the artist on the site. I don’t think there’s even a way to follow. You can follow on Instagram, though, and I recommend doing that. Here (if he’s still there): https://www.instagram.com/washbelly_art/

OK…here’s a little of my unedited, unprofessionally phrased opinion, if you want it:

🔥WOWEEE!! He makes terrific stuff!!🔥


Mouse Pads, Desk Mats, and Suddenly It’s Thursday

Redbubble is introducing MOUSE PADS and DESK MATS soon. I spent some time earlier in the week “enabling” images for the new products and am happy to say that many of my existing product images look good on them so my work will be part of the launch. In a few days I’ll do a preview here, but this is an early look: 

And…it’s Thursday. This week was supposed to have seven days like all other weeks do but it feels like it had MAYBE two. Suddenly this week is running out of days. Nearly all of the plans I had to create new work or at least complete some in-process things went bye-bye, fast. That detail from a painting – above – is one example. I thought I could at least give the guy a mouth this week but as of today things aren’t looking good for him and his mouthlessness. Maybe this weekend!   

Can Vectors Be Messy?

Trying to find a way to use vector art is all I can handle right now, art-wise, so I’m still working with the Amadine app when I can. The image above is my most recent. I thought about adding a nose and mouth but the face didn’t want one. Her expression seems to come through the way things are, I think, and it’s not a terrible result as is. So: progress.

But I still miss the rough edges and uneven colors of the non-vector work I usually do. The perfection of vector edges eventually annoys me. Right after I finished the face above I reached for some sketch paper and watercolors, and painted what I felt:

The paper was too thin, I used too much water (as usual), and the colors were bad choices so I desaturated the image in editing. But I like this face. It’s rough and uneven and gritty and unfinished but it already says what I want it to, in part because of its messiness. Can vectors ever be that way? Am I asking for too much? 


Amadine app: https://amadine.com

Faces Before Buildings: Building a Paper Face

Paper! (©️Robin King)
Paper Face, Step One (©️Robin King)

“Building” may be stretch – let’s call it “constructing.”  I love working with paper! Torn paper, distressed paper, homemade paper, shredded paper, painted paper, scrap paper, repurposed paper, and various wrapping papers. Piecing together a face (or an abstract) then working through it with ink and paint is pure joy! But I haven’t done it lately so before I begin building the courthouse-face from “Justice,  Justice” I thought I’d have a quick fling with paper.

Early days, still. But it’s already a face. I wonder what it’s thinking. 😳