Balancing Act

Stopping to smell the pixels.

For the past few days I’ve been focused on trying to regain whatever skills I developed with pencils, a few years ago. Slow-going, lots of missteps and frustrating messes. I used to be able to draw eyes. Good ones! They looked the way I wanted them to! Now, because I didn’t draw for so long, I draw the eyes I drew when I was learning to draw them the first time. Not good ones! They don’t look the way I wanted them to! 

It’s humbling. It’s also making me want to break a few pencils after I scribble all over those not-good-eyes.

But pencils are expensive and I can’t destroy honest attempts. Instead, I took a break with iPastels and made the silly face above.

Silly is good. I enjoyed my little escape and can now return to pencils, renewed. 

Online Sketching with Pixels: Sketchpad

Made online using Sketchpad

A few months ago I re-discovered the online sketching app Sketchpad. It was fun to use years ago and seems to be even better now. They’ve added features! The last time I tried it I was using my desktop computer. “Mousing” to draw is challenging. Fortunately, Sketchpad worked well with my graphics pen/tablet. These days it responds beautifully on a tablet when I draw with my fingers. Will sketching online replace the oh-so-satisfying tactile experience of moving a pencil or brush across toothy paper? Probably not. But it’s endlessly eager to do what you want, when and where you want to. 

Sketchpad is online, here:

Here’s the User Guide:

LOL – I didn’t know about the User Guide until a few minutes ago. Although Sketchpad is easy to figure out (REALLY!!) the User Guide is probably helpful.

Six Minute Post

Six minutes? To create a blog post? Including the all-important “clean up those pesky typos” step? Impossible! But I have only six – wait – no, now it’s 5 minutes! 


The image above is from a mixed media piece (acrylics with paper on canvas board) I did several years ago. It’s NEVER looked as good in person as it does in a photo, no matter how good or bad the photo is, and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the 2d versus 3d difference?

Any ideas?