It Took Me Three Hours to Eat a Small Banana

For those who may have noticed: I’ve been absent from by blog for several days. Monday I became ill – nothing serious, all better now. But for the time it lasted I was a mess. How much of a mess? It took me three hours to eat a small banana. And even then I wished I hadn’t.

Fortunately, that’s over. ::whew::

But I created no art, visited no websites, did nothing useful except sleep. I’m waaaaaay behind everywhere and will catch up in the next couple of days as my strength returns. 

See you soon!


The image above is a tiny portion of an acrylic/painting cut paper piece I did several years ago. 

I Dream of Sunshine

Brusho Sunburst Lemon sitting on a work-in-process

Where are you, sunshine? Where’s your twinkly kiss? I dream of you in the morning. I need your light. You can vanish in the afternoon; I don’t care. But don’t be shy in the morning. Dazzle me! Sparkle me! Give me hope for the day. 

Some people are night creatures, others are at their best mid-day. I’m a very early morning person. My day is front-loaded. Everything useful I’ll do, I’ll do before noon. But I need sunshine! Unfortunately, our recent weather has been murky glop. Humid, warm, dark. 

This morning is sunny but I have to do things other than art. More murk is headed our way and will move in for nearly a week. What to do?

I’ll have to make my own sunshine.

That’s where those Brusho crystals come in. I bought them in the depth of winter, haven’t had the courage to open the package because even though it was a small expenditure it was still money and there’s a lot of pressure on me to use those crystals well. But that little tub of “Sunburst Lemon” is going to be my dream-come-true in the coming days: sunshine on demand.


The mixed media piece above is acrylic paint, metallic cord, and the holes from hole-punching old advertising circulars. It’s not quite finished. 

Here’s Brusho, if you’re interested:

Face? Painted! Now put that brush down and walk away happy.

Face, work-in-process (©️Robin King)

YAY! After several months of fussing and fretting about what would happen when I finally started painting again, I did. 

This face is acrylics on paper. It’s not finished-finished (there’s no background and the eyes and nose need more work, etc.) but it’s a face! And it’s clearly one of “my” faces!

However: I’m still fidgety about starting again so I’m going to stop working on this one now. If I do more now I’ll go too far and mess it up, no doubt about that.

I’m so happy!!

State of the Blog

“Don’t blame me. It’s my lizard brain.”

Twenty days ago I decided to bring this old, dead blog site back to life. I’d set it up fourteen years ago, used the heck out of it for several years, and then changed course. I left it behind. But it was still “home,” so I paid for my domain ( and began posting again.

WONDERFUL!!! I met you fascinating, talented people! I posted about my art journey! 

But I neglected a couple of extremely important things. I didn’t check my Comment spam folder and I didn’t always click the “Reply” button when I replied to comments. The result was that lots of truly non-spammy comments never ended up posted (I never even saw them until yesterday) and even though I typed replies to people, many of those people never knew. 


So, yesterday I went back through all of my Comment files and interactions. I approved the non-spammy comments and replied to them. I retyped replies to the Comments that never got them because of that pesky reply button.

If you left me a comment and didn’t receive a reply, I hope you have now. When I jumped back into this blog-world I was so excited to be back that I skipped important steps. I’ll try not to do that again. LOL – I blame my lizard brain (amygdala) for being so emotional about the experience that I messed it up.  



(“Lizard Brain” – detail from larger painting – acrylic on cardboard)

Tea Leaves? In Paint? And a Doodle, Too? (Why I stopped painting & will begin again)

“In the Nursery” 2009, 1st painting by ©️Robin King

Why shouldn’t I doodle with paint? Why shouldn’t I draw with paint? Why shouldn’t I put tea leaves and glitter and thread and the “holes” from hole-punched paper in paint? Why shouldn’t I draw with paint? Why shouldn’t I push paint around with an old hair-comb? Why shouldn’t I paint on top of discarded but still decorative ribbon and deflated bubblewrap and old fabric AND ANYTHING ELSE  WANT TO?

And why – WHY??? – why shouldn’t I treat painting like the brain-fizzing fun it can be and not a jaw-clenching exercise in self-control?

The painting above is my first, ever. I did it about 12 years ago, called it “In the Nursery.”

There are old dried tea leaves, paper hole-punched pieces, and large glitter mixed in with the acrylic paint. It was basically a doodle because I started with a blank canvas and no plan at all.

In spite of the fact that it was obviously amateurish, I was proud of the painting and posted it on my original Redbubble site (now closed, replaced by this one  and this one). One member who saw it – and who knew I was new to painting – sent me a critique. It was kind but it set me off on years of trying to do things I didn’t want to do. He said (among other things) that “…one should paint with paint. Painterly strokes are what matter. Never draw with paint. Sketch with paint, yes, but only if required. Don’t contaminate paint with anything. If you can’t learn to paint whatever “effects” you desire then perhaps you shouldn’t paint. Those colors are interesting.” Continue reading “Tea Leaves? In Paint? And a Doodle, Too? (Why I stopped painting & will begin again)”

A Shot Across the Bow

Digital Sketch by Robin King

Today I’m scheduled to get my 1st COVID shot. It was a last-minute opening, probably someone’s cancellation. Whatever caused it I’m grateful for the opportunity. 

But I don’t do “last-minute” very well. Suddenly my day is upended and I’m spinning in a maelstrom of worry. What if this? What if that? What if the tech who pokes a hole in my arm sneezes at that particular moment and shreds an artery? What if there’s an earthquake and the sharp jabs my eye instead? What if…

 ::sigh:: It’ll be fine. I’ll be back here later, happy to be manufacturing new antibodies. See you then!

Fear? Faced.

(Digital painting ©️Robin King)

Re-starting this ancient blog was a dream. Now it’s reality. Here we are, a week in, and it’s paddling along nicely. But two weeks ago I was afraid to start the journey again. Dreams often fall to pieces when fear shows up. But we keep going, don’t we? Step by step we make progress and fear eventually falls behind.

Today I need to go to the supermarket and the post office. My dream is to return safely. Fear’s already plaguing me, though, sniping at that little dream. Assuming all goes well I’ll be back here in a few hours. 


Thank you for being there, for doing what you do, and for helping me make this blog-dream come true.