The Sports Model

Sports Model? (©️Robin King)

If you’ve been reading my posts here for a while you may recognize – sort of? – the figure above. She’s the “Life Model” I assembled ten years ago. Here are earlier posts about her (with photos):

No Body Here

The Model Ponders Ambulation

Are you wondering why she looked the way she did? She lost her hands and hair, and gained a headscarf. At the time I thought she had a sporty vibe…maybe she was on her way to the yacht club to go sailing?

Anyway: I found that photo this weekend, filed with this one:

Underwhelming sketch of the Life Model’s head (©️Robin King)

That’s one of two sketches I did of her. Haaa! You can see how wildly enthusiastic I was about doing it. The hat’s from another of her outfits. I remember thinking that if I put enough clothing and accessories on her she’d be more interesting draw. Too bad that didn’t work. All I actually drew of her was her head, a missed opportunity given the fact that the reason I made her to begin with was to practice drawing bodies.


Spinning in Time

“Dithery Me” (@Robin King)

Goodbye to Instagram – again. I hoped that this time would be different but it wasn’t. Instagram’s too enticing, too yummy, and too hungry. It devours content. If being there weren’t so much fun it’d be terrifying. Because of my ridiculous relationship with Instagram I neglected this site, Twitter, Redbubble, and nearly everything else.

To make things worse, the timing is bad. There are non-art events ahead that I need to prepare for. Their dates are non-negotiable and I’m woefully behind.

However, I did spend a little time with Affinity Photo last week. Results were mixed but I learned enough to have hope for the future. And I took a few shots with the new camera. One was bad; the others weren’t good but adequate. I don’t know when I’ll get back to the camera. November, probably, and they’ll be sunshine setup shots. Maybe macro – yay!

The only creative joy I’ve experienced for the past month or so is making tiny digital images (like the one above) just to post on Instagram. They’re enjoyable to do but I can’t post them for sale on Redbubble.

So: back to reality! Assuming my physical state isn’t adversely affected by the work-work I have to do in the next couple of weeks (and that no other calamities occur), I ought to be back to creating again by the end of October.

Until then I plan to spend at least an hour a day here, and on Twitter and Redbubble, trying to make up for time lost. See you soon!

Reworks: Old Face & Social Media

Yesterday I sat at my Mac and reworked the digital version of the face above. It began life six years ago as an acrylic sketch on a piece of discarded corrugation. Later, I fiddled with it on the computer but never finished it the way I wanted to. That happened yesterday when the face came to life. He looks grumpy, doesn’t he? Well, he has a good reason: he was relegated to the bottom of a storage cabinet all those years. I’m happy he’s finally complete and ready to meet the world.

Another rework (in progress) is my social media “presence.” I still have some work to do behind the scenes in my Redbubble Shop (tags, descriptions, etc.) but Twitter and Instagram are sorted out.

Here’s the result:




That’s four, down from eight. Much better!

Stress Response? MAKE ART!


“Some people never shut up.”
“Some birthdays are better than others.”
“Facial Memory”

Is making art “fight?” Or is it “flight?” Fight or flight – that’s how we respond to stress. Along with most of the world my level of stress has been higher than normal for more than a year. Lately, mine’s been much higher and the remnants of Hurricane Ida made everything worse last week.

But this weekend my mind decided – on its own – how to cope with the additional stress effects. How? By making faces, one after another, each face different, all faces feeling something or being challenged by something. Faces, so many faces! Stress reduction through tiny weird faces made on my iPad? Sure! Why not? It worked. Each face brought me closer to stasis and, although I’m not as “relaxed” as I’d like, I feel more human. Yay for that!


The faces above are among the most recent. They’re posted (along with the others) on my new Instagram experimental account –

Vector Joy

“The Morning of the Last Day” (©️Robin King)
“The Weight of the World” – Note: The title isn’t part of the image. (©️Robin King)

In the past few weeks I’ve been working with vectors, teaching myself how to use them.  As learning curves go it’s been a bumpy one. This weekend I leveled the curve a bit and make significant progress. Several of the vector tools/techniques/features still elude me but with what I learned I was able to create test images [above] that are “me.” Now I see exhilarating ways to incorporate vector work into my art – wonderful news! 


Amadine app:


Thank you, Amadine! I’m beginning to understand vectors!

Every day, I try a little more with the Amadine app. It infuriates me, it thrills me, it coaxes me, and it encourages me – and then, suddenly, it reveals its power. Wow! For the past week I’ve been trying to duplicate layers and then fill the objects with colors. Nope. That’s not how Amadine does things. I’m still thinking non-vectorally (that’s probably not a word but I don’t care). I need to think in VECTORS. Today I did and had big success with Amadine. See that pink and yellow image above? That’s it. You may look at it and think, “What the fuss about?” It’s pink and yellow blobby squiggles that could’ve been hand drawn in Photoshop Elements. Or with colored pencils on paper. The difference is that it’s a vector-based drawing and I managed to do it in very few steps. That’s a big step forward for me.

To celebrate (and to test the layout) I uploaded it privately to Redbubble, where I put it on a tee shirt. Tomorrow I’ll go back to the image in Amadine and make some adjustments, then upload it again to Redbubble where it’ll be a pretty, decorative design for sale on lots of products.

Thank you, Amadine! What shall we try next? 

EDITED TO ADD: Today I made the design available for sale in my Shop on Redbubble. Its new name is “Playing Pink and Yellow.”




Just when you start to make progress, all HATS break loose.

Back here sooner than I planned because REDBUBBLE IS INTRODUCING NEW PRODUCTS: a baseball cap and a “Dad” cap. The “Dad” cap designation is new to me but maybe that’s because I’m not a Dad. And I never wear caps. Or hats.

So……….Even though I’ve finished only a few of the reorganizing projects I had to do this week, everything’s on hold because of HATS. Chaos returns and has brought a stadium full of raucous buddies with it.

Why? Because the images suitable for hats are a different size and type than the ones I’ve been making for more than a decade. I used to make (and sell!) tee shirt designs and cartoons but stopped to create other types of art. Unfortunately, designs and cartoons – if they’re even a little bit “trendy” – can age. Most of what I did before isn’t going to do well now. Today I’ve been searching through thirteen years of digital files for applicable work. Found a few pieces but that’s it. 

At this point I could stop, toss the old work into Redbubble’s uploader and call it a day. But you know what? Seeing all those goodies made me want to make new ones, and not only for hats. The transparent files they require can be applied to all of Redbubble’s products. I could stop but I don’t want to. I miss making tees, etc. And I miss the earnings. Can I make it work again? Even in the midst of TOTAL confusion because my entire world-of-art is still “upheaved?” Can I figure out how to do vectors well enough? Can I be funny again? I don’t know. All I know is this:

I have to try.

Consequently, I’ll be absent from WordPress for a few more days at least. Have fun, stay as fabulous as you are, and I’ll be back soon.



The Redbubble hats/caps are now available! If you click on the hat above you’ll go to the hat in my Redbubble shop (where there are other hats for sale).

I made the design using Amadine, a wonderful (and free) vector app.