A Test and Some Fun

The face up there isn’t the test. It’s the fun! I make faces when I want to enjoy myself without restraint or reservation.

ABOUT THE FACE: It’s a digital collage. One of the layers is an abstract I made using this website: http://jacksonpollock.org. You draw on your screen, take a screenshot. Try it!

Artist/designer/photographer Phil Perkins – https://perkinsdesigns.com – shared that Jackson Pollock link with me. Thank you, Phil!! It’s terrific!!!


EDITED: So what’s the test? It was the presence of the face. I know we can post social media links here that display and I wanted to try one from Instagram. Several months ago I tried a Twitter post and, although it was visible on my “actual” site, it wasn’t in the WordPress Reader. Not good! I deleted it. When I originally created this WordPress post it included an Instagram post. It was visible – the test was successful. But tonight I deactivated my Instagram account and the linked post went away. So…I uploaded the face to WordPress.

Reworks: Old Face & Social Media

Yesterday I sat at my Mac and reworked the digital version of the face above. It began life six years ago as an acrylic sketch on a piece of discarded corrugation. Later, I fiddled with it on the computer but never finished it the way I wanted to. That happened yesterday when the face came to life. He looks grumpy, doesn’t he? Well, he has a good reason: he was relegated to the bottom of a storage cabinet all those years. I’m happy he’s finally complete and ready to meet the world.

Another rework (in progress) is my social media “presence.” I still have some work to do behind the scenes in my Redbubble Shop (tags, descriptions, etc.) but Twitter and Instagram are sorted out.

Here’s the result:

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/artbyrobinking

Redbubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/artbyrobinking/shop

WordPress: https://robinkingfaces.com/

That’s four, down from eight. Much better!

Update: Consolidating Accounts

In the next few days I’ll be transferring my faces from robinking-faces.redbubble.com to my other Redbubble account: artbyrobinking.redbubble.com.

On 9/30/21 I’ll close the faces site.

Also, I’m evaluating the need for my two Twitter accounts. I may consolidate them, too. Probably will.

Following that I’ll change affected image links here on WordPress.

Stress Response? MAKE ART!


“Some people never shut up.”
“Some birthdays are better than others.”
“Facial Memory”

Is making art “fight?” Or is it “flight?” Fight or flight – that’s how we respond to stress. Along with most of the world my level of stress has been higher than normal for more than a year. Lately, mine’s been much higher and the remnants of Hurricane Ida made everything worse last week.

But this weekend my mind decided – on its own – how to cope with the additional stress effects. How? By making faces, one after another, each face different, all faces feeling something or being challenged by something. Faces, so many faces! Stress reduction through tiny weird faces made on my iPad? Sure! Why not? It worked. Each face brought me closer to stasis and, although I’m not as “relaxed” as I’d like, I feel more human. Yay for that!


The faces above are among the most recent. They’re posted (along with the others) on my new Instagram experimental account – https://www.instagram.com/artbyrobinking/.

Social Media Improv? New Instagram!

@artbyrobinking on Instagram

Last year, I set up an Instagram account for promoting my designs and photography (not my faces!). It was called @artbyrobinking because that’s my username for design and photography on Redbubble. But you all know how iffy I’ve been with Instagram, right? That account was an early casualty of the iffiness because making promotional images for the full line of Redbubble products and then doing all the back-and-forth to “promote” them got old fast. GAH! Couldn’t stand the sell-sell-sell vibe, deactivated the account.

A couple of days ago I was missing the art and the opportunity to share my “experiments” and “fun” on Instagram. Just for the heck of it I tried to log in the old deactivated account, expecting it to be gone. But it was still there! Empty, but there! Yay!

So: I set it up as a place to share experiments, attempts, and messes. No expectations, no plans. Social media improv! 

If you’re interested in following I’d love to see you there. If you’re not, I understand.

The image above is a screenshot of my current posts, which will give you an idea of what the new old account is all about. And here’s a link to the web page:



We’re over, Instagram. But it’s not you – it’s me.


Honestly, Instagram, I’ve tried. So many times! I’ve created terabytes of images just for you, and spent hours clicking-clicking-clicking all while trying earnestly to be a version of me that’s interesting and fun and followable. You’ve given me a platform! Opportunities! Algorithms! People to follow! And all I’ve given you is hope. No wonder we can’t make a go of it.

I’ve read about how to make you happy, how to create niche art and to SHARE ME, and to never ever take breaks from you because people won’t trust me to make buyable art if I don’t post and visit all day and all night, every day and every night. I’ve read and I’ve tried. You know I’ve been hanging around you ever since you opened. You know how many of your accounts I’ve had (and closed), wretched victims of my Insta-unworthiness. 

You know. But because I haven’t been what you need me to be, you don’t care. And that’s OK, Instagram, because I’m finished with you now. We’re over. I’ll never live up to your expectations and you’ll never live up to mine. 

A few minutes ago I “disabled” one of my accounts. In seven days I’ll “disable” the other. Why not just delete them? Because I always have hope. Always!

Maybe – someday – we’ll find a way to get along. Until then, please don’t feel bad, Instagram. You won’t miss me. You have plenty of other lovers.

Should Robins Tweet?

©️Robin King

When Twitter first began, it was a quirky little mystery, a frenzied flapping of wings and cheery chirps from around the world. I joined early (late 2006?). Somewhere in a file I have my “welcome” email from Biz Stone. There was a public feed (see link to 2006, below). Users were encouraged to share their status updates. I’d been asked to join by a friend from a blogging site called “Vox” (not today’s “Vox” but the original one owned by SixApart). So, I joined Twitter and jumped into the stream of people who were telling the world what they were doing and, sometimes, where. 

It was pure excitement! No links – no ads – no images – no gifs – no memes – no polls – no blocked users – no bots – no follows – no promoted tweets! It was, simply and beautifully, people saying a little about themselves to strangers.

But the one big public feed morphed into other things and the rationale behind Twitter changed. EVERYTHING about it changed. I miss the giddiness of old Twitter but today’s version is useful.

I’ve had many accounts there in the intervening years, all for different reasons. 

For people who want to sell their work, Twitter can be a handy tool. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to use it without spending all of my time there. 

In the next couple of weeks I’m going to start using my Twitter account (username: robinkingfaces) again.

Why? Because Robins should tweet.


Link: So funny! A page of “public timeline” tweets from 2006 – courtesy of the Wayback Machine: