What’s the Rule of Thirds for Flowers?

“Rule of Thirds for Flowers” ©️Robin King

There’s a “rule” of visual art composition called “The Rule of Thirds.” It’s about dividing an image into thirds to create a “pleasing” image. The first time I heard about a Rule of Thirds in the context of art I was when I read a book about photography many years ago. I remember laughing because my experience with a Rule of Thirds was through music. In so-called Western music, harmony is built on thirds to avoid the perceived “dissonance” of fourths and and sevenths. That’s a parochial view, of course, developed long before the world’s glorious variety of music was available to the entire world.

But it’s a “rule.”

Because my experience with composition originally came from music I think that by the time I picked up a camera I’d had my fill of “rules of composition” and have ignored them ever since. That’s probably a failing of mine; I don’t recommend it.

But I do recommend this abstract image. It’s a closeup of a lily. What an amazing structure! This one has a pistil trio that reminds me of piano keys.

To view “Rule of Thirds For Flowers” in my Redbubble Shop (as prints and on products) click here or on the images above: https://www.redbubble.com/i/art-board-print/Rule-of-Thirds-for-Flowers-by-artbyrobinking/95069737.5E8EA

Update: Consolidating Accounts

In the next few days I’ll be transferring my faces from robinking-faces.redbubble.com to my other Redbubble account: artbyrobinking.redbubble.com.

On 9/30/21 I’ll close the faces site.

Also, I’m evaluating the need for my two Twitter accounts. I may consolidate them, too. Probably will.

Following that I’ll change affected image links here on WordPress.

Social Media Improv? New Instagram!

@artbyrobinking on Instagram

Last year, I set up an Instagram account for promoting my designs and photography (not my faces!). It was called @artbyrobinking because that’s my username for design and photography on Redbubble. But you all know how iffy I’ve been with Instagram, right? That account was an early casualty of the iffiness because making promotional images for the full line of Redbubble products and then doing all the back-and-forth to “promote” them got old fast. GAH! Couldn’t stand the sell-sell-sell vibe, deactivated the account.

A couple of days ago I was missing the art and the opportunity to share my “experiments” and “fun” on Instagram. Just for the heck of it I tried to log in the old deactivated account, expecting it to be gone. But it was still there! Empty, but there! Yay!

So: I set it up as a place to share experiments, attempts, and messes. No expectations, no plans. Social media improv! 

If you’re interested in following I’d love to see you there. If you’re not, I understand.

The image above is a screenshot of my current posts, which will give you an idea of what the new old account is all about. And here’s a link to the web page:



Mouse Pads, Desk Mats, and Suddenly It’s Thursday

Redbubble is introducing MOUSE PADS and DESK MATS soon. I spent some time earlier in the week “enabling” images for the new products and am happy to say that many of my existing product images look good on them so my work will be part of the launch. In a few days I’ll do a preview here, but this is an early look: 

And…it’s Thursday. This week was supposed to have seven days like all other weeks do but it feels like it had MAYBE two. Suddenly this week is running out of days. Nearly all of the plans I had to create new work or at least complete some in-process things went bye-bye, fast. That detail from a painting – above – is one example. I thought I could at least give the guy a mouth this week but as of today things aren’t looking good for him and his mouthlessness. Maybe this weekend!   

Testing the Camera with Faces

Mixed media on canvas board @Robin King

Still testing the camera, this time with in-process faces. The brightly-colored one above is mixed media, mostly acrylic but some ink and paper, all on canvas board. It’s nearly complete. I’m pleased with how the colors turned out in the photo – they look almost the way I see them. Good result from the camera but when I shoot this piece for uploading to Redbubble some minor color edits may be needed. Maybe.

The face below has always fooled me. I never know when it’s finished so I never make adjustments to it on the canvas. Instead, I test them using Photoshop Elements to see if I like the changes. This test photo has been significantly edited because I just can’t resist doing that. The odd darkness across the left side of the face that looks like a very pointy mustache is a shadow – the main reason I used this canvas as a camera test. I needed to see how the camera handles extremes in light. Again, a good result. 

Acrylic on canvas ©️Robin Kng

However: when I took these pictures I was still overwhelmed by the many setting options on the camera and neglected to do the simplest task well. I didn’t check to see if I’d set it to manual focus or auto focus. Turns out it was on manual focus so everything’s a bit blurry. My fault entirely. The camera’s wonderful. 


Thank you, Amadine! I’m beginning to understand vectors!

Every day, I try a little more with the Amadine app. It infuriates me, it thrills me, it coaxes me, and it encourages me – and then, suddenly, it reveals its power. Wow! For the past week I’ve been trying to duplicate layers and then fill the objects with colors. Nope. That’s not how Amadine does things. I’m still thinking non-vectorally (that’s probably not a word but I don’t care). I need to think in VECTORS. Today I did and had big success with Amadine. See that pink and yellow image above? That’s it. You may look at it and think, “What the fuss about?” It’s pink and yellow blobby squiggles that could’ve been hand drawn in Photoshop Elements. Or with colored pencils on paper. The difference is that it’s a vector-based drawing and I managed to do it in very few steps. That’s a big step forward for me.

To celebrate (and to test the layout) I uploaded it privately to Redbubble, where I put it on a tee shirt. Tomorrow I’ll go back to the image in Amadine and make some adjustments, then upload it again to Redbubble where it’ll be a pretty, decorative design for sale on lots of products.

Thank you, Amadine! What shall we try next? 

EDITED TO ADD: Today I made the design available for sale in my Shop on Redbubble. Its new name is “Playing Pink and Yellow.”



Amadine: https://amadine.com