Reworks: Old Face & Social Media

Yesterday I sat at my Mac and reworked the digital version of the face above. It began life six years ago as an acrylic sketch on a piece of discarded corrugation. Later, I fiddled with it on the computer but never finished it the way I wanted to. That happened yesterday when the face came to life. He looks grumpy, doesn’t he? Well, he has a good reason: he was relegated to the bottom of a storage cabinet all those years. I’m happy he’s finally complete and ready to meet the world.

Another rework (in progress) is my social media “presence.” I still have some work to do behind the scenes in my Redbubble Shop (tags, descriptions, etc.) but Twitter and Instagram are sorted out.

Here’s the result:




That’s four, down from eight. Much better!

Testing the Camera with Faces

Mixed media on canvas board @Robin King

Still testing the camera, this time with in-process faces. The brightly-colored one above is mixed media, mostly acrylic but some ink and paper, all on canvas board. It’s nearly complete. I’m pleased with how the colors turned out in the photo – they look almost the way I see them. Good result from the camera but when I shoot this piece for uploading to Redbubble some minor color edits may be needed. Maybe.

The face below has always fooled me. I never know when it’s finished so I never make adjustments to it on the canvas. Instead, I test them using Photoshop Elements to see if I like the changes. This test photo has been significantly edited because I just can’t resist doing that. The odd darkness across the left side of the face that looks like a very pointy mustache is a shadow – the main reason I used this canvas as a camera test. I needed to see how the camera handles extremes in light. Again, a good result. 

Acrylic on canvas ©️Robin Kng

However: when I took these pictures I was still overwhelmed by the many setting options on the camera and neglected to do the simplest task well. I didn’t check to see if I’d set it to manual focus or auto focus. Turns out it was on manual focus so everything’s a bit blurry. My fault entirely. The camera’s wonderful. 


New Face: “If You Could Be Anyone Who Would You Be?”

New face: “If You Could Be Anyone Who Would You Be” (©️Robin King)

If you could be anyone who would you be? Do you know?

Would you be someone else? Or would you be you? 

New face – “If You Could Be Anyone Who would You Be”  is an acrylic painting combined with two digital drawings. You can find it in my Shop on Redbubble. 

New Abstract: “The Way the Universe Ends”

“The Way the Universe Ends” (©️Robin King)

“The Way the Universe Ends” is a mixed media tradigital abstract I created from one acrylic painting, one digital painting, distressed card stock, and one photograph. It’s full of bright colors and light, and is available for sale as open edition prints and on the full range of Redbubble products in my Shop.

Sunrise Before the Storm


“Sunrise Before the Storm” is a mixed media piece (acrylic paint, paper – on canvas). It began its life during hurricane season several years ago and I’ve been struggling with it ever since. I went back and forth between celebrating a calm but colorful sunrise and warning of the dangers to come. Today I compromised. This version is a substantially edited photograph of the actual piece. In a few days I’ll make the unedited photograph available, too. They look remarkably different but complement each other.

“Sunrise Before the Storm” can be purchased as open edition prints and on the full range of Redbubble products. 

It’s in the Cards: Free “Palette Knives” (Almost)

No palette knife? The edge of an old plastic “gift card” worked as well, in this acrylic painting.
Yay!! An almost endless supply of “paint movers!”

If you like to spread paint, slice paint, twist paint, apply paint in globs, and generally push paint around you probably use palette knives/spatulas. They can be expensive, though. Thanks to a tip from AMAZING artist and wonderful person, Cindy Schnackel (, I don’t worry about palette knives anymore. Why? Because of those free plastic cards that arrive in the mail. Companies send them as part of their promotional activities. Expired gift and credit cards are good, too. These plastic cards have fine edges, are firm but bendable, and come in all sizes. Also, if you repurpose them they won’t end up in a landfill or the ocean. Wonderful! Thank you, Cindy!!