I Did Something Wrong on WordPress Today

Earlier today I drafted a post about titles & SEO. I finished it and, instead of properly saving the draft, I published it. Aaaaack!! But I quickly realized that there were flaws in it, mistakes I needed to correct, and tried to put it back in my Drafts folder. Nope. It went to Trash. Then I heard from a friend who’d clicked on it from his Reader. He was annoyed because the link said the post was PRIVATE and he didn’t have the authority to read it. 

What? I didn’t mean for that to happen. So wrong! Obviously, I clicked too fast (bad habit) & tossed that poor post into the wrong folder. By then it as hours later & I was embarrassed. Other people had clicked! They must’ve thought I was posting privately too, and that they were excluded. No, no, no!

For better or worse, this entire blog is public. 

Anyway, I permanently trashed that particular post a few minutes ago. Blam! Gone. I’ll do one about titles some other time.



State of the Blog

“Don’t blame me. It’s my lizard brain.”

Twenty days ago I decided to bring this old, dead blog site back to life. I’d set it up fourteen years ago, used the heck out of it for several years, and then changed course. I left it behind. But it was still “home,” so I paid for my domain (robinkingfaces.com) and began posting again.

WONDERFUL!!! I met you fascinating, talented people! I posted about my art journey! 

But I neglected a couple of extremely important things. I didn’t check my Comment spam folder and I didn’t always click the “Reply” button when I replied to comments. The result was that lots of truly non-spammy comments never ended up posted (I never even saw them until yesterday) and even though I typed replies to people, many of those people never knew. 


So, yesterday I went back through all of my Comment files and interactions. I approved the non-spammy comments and replied to them. I retyped replies to the Comments that never got them because of that pesky reply button.

If you left me a comment and didn’t receive a reply, I hope you have now. When I jumped back into this blog-world I was so excited to be back that I skipped important steps. I’ll try not to do that again. LOL – I blame my lizard brain (amygdala) for being so emotional about the experience that I messed it up.  



(“Lizard Brain” – detail from larger painting – acrylic on cardboard)

Building Antibodies, One Side Effect at a Time

Yes, I’m in here.

Back off, killer virus. I’m building antibodies today!

My typical response to vaccinations is the sore arm thing, stultifying sleepiness, and body temperature chaos. Toss in occasional full-body muscle pain just to make things interesting. Sooo…today I cuddle cats and let my immune system do its thing. No art, no housework, no errands. No anything except watching TV in between fever spikes and naps. 

See you later!

A Shot Across the Bow

Digital Sketch by Robin King

Today I’m scheduled to get my 1st COVID shot. It was a last-minute opening, probably someone’s cancellation. Whatever caused it I’m grateful for the opportunity. 

But I don’t do “last-minute” very well. Suddenly my day is upended and I’m spinning in a maelstrom of worry. What if this? What if that? What if the tech who pokes a hole in my arm sneezes at that particular moment and shreds an artery? What if there’s an earthquake and the sharp jabs my eye instead? What if…

 ::sigh:: It’ll be fine. I’ll be back here later, happy to be manufacturing new antibodies. See you then!

Fear? Faced.

(Digital painting ©️Robin King)

Re-starting this ancient blog was a dream. Now it’s reality. Here we are, a week in, and it’s paddling along nicely. But two weeks ago I was afraid to start the journey again. Dreams often fall to pieces when fear shows up. But we keep going, don’t we? Step by step we make progress and fear eventually falls behind.

Today I need to go to the supermarket and the post office. My dream is to return safely. Fear’s already plaguing me, though, sniping at that little dream. Assuming all goes well I’ll be back here in a few hours. 


Thank you for being there, for doing what you do, and for helping me make this blog-dream come true.

It’s in the Cards: Free “Palette Knives” (Almost)

No palette knife? The edge of an old plastic “gift card” worked as well, in this acrylic painting.
Yay!! An almost endless supply of “paint movers!”

If you like to spread paint, slice paint, twist paint, apply paint in globs, and generally push paint around you probably use palette knives/spatulas. They can be expensive, though. Thanks to a tip from AMAZING artist and wonderful person, Cindy Schnackel (https://cindyschnackel.wordpress.com/), I don’t worry about palette knives anymore. Why? Because of those free plastic cards that arrive in the mail. Companies send them as part of their promotional activities. Expired gift and credit cards are good, too. These plastic cards have fine edges, are firm but bendable, and come in all sizes. Also, if you repurpose them they won’t end up in a landfill or the ocean. Wonderful! Thank you, Cindy!!