I Did Something Wrong on WordPress Today

Earlier today I drafted a post about titles & SEO. I finished it and, instead of properly saving the draft, I published it. Aaaaack!! But I quickly realized that there were flaws in it, mistakes I needed to correct, and tried to put it back in my Drafts folder. Nope. It went to Trash. Then I heard from a friend who’d clicked on it from his Reader. He was annoyed because the link said the post was PRIVATE and he didn’t have the authority to read it. 

What? I didn’t mean for that to happen. So wrong! Obviously, I clicked too fast (bad habit) & tossed that poor post into the wrong folder. By then it as hours later & I was embarrassed. Other people had clicked! They must’ve thought I was posting privately too, and that they were excluded. No, no, no!

For better or worse, this entire blog is public. 

Anyway, I permanently trashed that particular post a few minutes ago. Blam! Gone. I’ll do one about titles some other time.



State of the Blog

“Don’t blame me. It’s my lizard brain.”

Twenty days ago I decided to bring this old, dead blog site back to life. I’d set it up fourteen years ago, used the heck out of it for several years, and then changed course. I left it behind. But it was still “home,” so I paid for my domain (robinkingfaces.com) and began posting again.

WONDERFUL!!! I met you fascinating, talented people! I posted about my art journey! 

But I neglected a couple of extremely important things. I didn’t check my Comment spam folder and I didn’t always click the “Reply” button when I replied to comments. The result was that lots of truly non-spammy comments never ended up posted (I never even saw them until yesterday) and even though I typed replies to people, many of those people never knew. 


So, yesterday I went back through all of my Comment files and interactions. I approved the non-spammy comments and replied to them. I retyped replies to the Comments that never got them because of that pesky reply button.

If you left me a comment and didn’t receive a reply, I hope you have now. When I jumped back into this blog-world I was so excited to be back that I skipped important steps. I’ll try not to do that again. LOL – I blame my lizard brain (amygdala) for being so emotional about the experience that I messed it up.  



(“Lizard Brain” – detail from larger painting – acrylic on cardboard)

Start a Good Habit. Now!

How do you start a habit? Repetition. You do the thing consistently. Lately, I’ve been the opposite of consistent when it comes to blogging. Years ago I posted every day. That was a good habit and it paid off. Not only did I sell art but I also made some amazing friends  and – yes – had fun! 

I want that habit again. It made my life better and – I hope – other people enjoyed it, too. The trouble is that sometimes there’s nothing interesting to say about my “artistic process.” That means posting about non-face and non-art topics, maybe even posts about ::gasp:: life.

Ready? OK, here goes!

  • I’m still not sure which theme to use here. I like the newspaper front page look (instead of this scrolling thing) but also want the logo/tagline. Haven’t found a free theme yet that includes both. So…testing, testing, testing.
  • Is anyone else a freaked out by all the volcanic activity in the past few months? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V8oyl3zJKso
  • We need rain so I’m glad it’s falling but WOW it’s coming in the basement and that’s bad.

Oh! I nearly forgot: as soon as the sun shines again I’m going to test some BLEEDING TISSUE PAPER. The first time I tried it, all I managed to do was turn it to a slurry of mooshy colors that stained my fingers. This time I’ll follow the instructions. Maybe. 😂

Stay tuned!