A Test and Some Fun

The face up there isn’t the test. It’s the fun! I make faces when I want to enjoy myself without restraint or reservation.

ABOUT THE FACE: It’s a digital collage. One of the layers is an abstract I made using this website: http://jacksonpollock.org. You draw on your screen, take a screenshot. Try it!

Artist/designer/photographer Phil Perkins –ย https://perkinsdesigns.com – shared that Jackson Pollock link with me. Thank you, Phil!! It’s terrific!!!


EDITED: So what’s the test? It was the presence of the face. I know we can post social media links here that display and I wanted to try one from Instagram. Several months ago I tried a Twitter post and, although it was visible on my “actual” site, it wasn’t in the WordPress Reader. Not good! I deleted it. When I originally created this WordPress post it included an Instagram post. It was visible – the test was successful. But tonight I deactivated my Instagram account and the linked post went away. So…I uploaded the face to WordPress.

5 thoughts on “A Test and Some Fun”

  1. Very cool face artwork and digital collage, dear Robin. ๐Ÿ‘ I’m glad you enjoy the Jackson Pollock link ~ I’ve used it a lot and it is indeed great fun! ๐Ÿค—๐ŸŒน

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  2. Oh Robin … the ins and outs of what works and doesn’t it mind boggling, isn’t it? I’m in Word-Press Hades at the moment. We had to switcher servers and my old theme is gone. But more than that, there’s an inside thing, that’s important, that’s not working. So don’t go over to my site right now. It’s a mess and I’m going bald from pulling my hair out trying to get things running. Sigh sigh sigh!!!! And just when i thought I had everything figured out!!! I’d insert an emoji here, but none of them look the way I feel!!! GRRRRRR!!!


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