Do you use Affinity Photo? Pixelmator Pro? Is this possible? That’s all I need to know.

First of all, I could do what I need to do quickly and easily using Photoshop Elements but I just bought the new version and it won’t open on my Mac (OS 12.0.1). That problem ought to be addressed by Adobe eventually because I’m only one of many users in the same becalmed boat. But I reallyreallyreally need to make some images NOW.

Second, I have Affinity Photo and Pixelmator Pro. I’m still learning how to use them which is why I don’t know the answer to this question:

Is it POSSIBLE to take one image, make four copies of it, and paste them as layers onto one image that’s double the dimensions? Example: Let’s say I have a 4000x4000px image. I want to create a new image that’s 8000x8000px that will have four copies of the original 4000x4000px image in it – in the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right? Actions will be copying, pasting, and rotating on the horizontal and vertical. When all four copies are arranged properly they’ll need to be merged (flattened) into the background layer or only visibly merged, depending on how the file needs to be saved.

Can this be done using Affinty Photo? Or Pixelmator Pro? I’m guessing that it can but my attempts so far have been unsuccessful, I’m running out of time, and my level of cyber-frustration is unprecedented.

There are other programs I could probably do this with (GIMP, Sketchbook, etc.) but my options are Affinity Photo and Pixelmator  Pro. I don’t need instructions – I’ll figure it out how to do it if I know it’s possible.

So…is it possible?


17 thoughts on “Do you use Affinity Photo? Pixelmator Pro? Is this possible? That’s all I need to know.”

  1. Thank you for looking! I have Photoshop Elements. It’s a stand-alone program, no subscription, one-time purchase. I just got it. But yes, WOW! They do age! I still have a version of Elements from 2006 & there are many differences. Trouble is, until Adobe sorts out whatever trouble it’s having with Mac Monterey, I can’t even open the new one. So, I need to use the other programs & I’m still trying to figure them out. Thank you again! 🤗👋

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  2. Yes, in Affinity Photo. Open your 4000×4000 image and 1) make a copy of (command+c) or with several layers Edit > Copy Merged. 2) New File – make it 8000×8000. 3) Paste copy (command+v). 4) You can add guides if you want – using pointer, drag down and/or over from ruler until guides turn green at being centered. 5) Select you image and press command+j 3 more times, making a total of 4 images. 6) use your pointer to click/drag each copy to a quadrant. 7) to make a composite copy of everything visible, press command+option+shift+e …anew copy (composite) will appear on top of the stack. 8) Save the file – press command+s and it will be saved as an Affinity Photo file. You can also select to save it as a PSD or other, or select File > Export > PNG/JPEG to export a flattened copy to your desktop. Hope this helps!

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  3. 🎉WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!🎉 Thank you, Phil, and for the how-to, too!!!! That’s fantastic!! I’ll try it tomorrow! I make things using “Image Tricks Lite” and then turn them into other, larger (& pattern-friendly) things in PSE but haven’t been able to. You’ve made me so happy!! Will post the results! Thank you again!! 🥰♥️👋

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  4. Fantastic, Robin ~ I’m so glad and happy to have been able to help! If you ever have any other questions about Affinity Photo – remembering that I’m not an expert – just let me know. It was nice of you to mention me, my friend. Thank you. 🤗🌹

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  5. Hello again, Robin. Here’s another way to create the same effect in Affinity Photo. 1) open a 8000×8000 pixels file and paste your original 4000×4000 pixels image, scaling it to fill the larger file size. 2) Make a copy (command+j). 3) Using this copy, go Filters > Distort > Mirror. 4) Increase the Number of mirror = 4 and click Apply. It’s as easy as that. If you want, you can adjust the input & output numbers to see different effects: each adjusts in 45 degree increments, but you can simultaneously press the Option key and drag the dials to any number you’d like.

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  6. Mirror!! Haven’t run into that setting yet! It sounds very powerful – and fun to use!! Thank you, Phil! We just lost power from the high winds so I’ll need to wait until tomorrow to try it. Can’t wait! (((thank you hugs))) 🤗👋

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