Still Alive

Everything’s an unexpected mess for me right now.

The details won’t be interesting to anyone so I’ll just leave it at that except for the most recent mini-mess: the heater isn’t functioning this morning and it’s 59 degrees (F) in the house. Today was supposed to be a get-caught-up-online day but, instead, it’s a shivering-while-waiting-for-the-heater-tech-to-arrive day. I’ll reply to your lovely comments and be around to say “Hello!” to everyone as soon as I can.

The faces above are small sketches I made while testing the iPastels app on my iPad. The app is free, has a tiny footprint, and wonderful tools. There’s a desktop version, too. I’m sure that my goofy faces aren’t displaying the full power of the app so if you’re interested in checking it out for yourself, here:


18 thoughts on “Still Alive”

  1. Hi! Thank you about the faces – not sure re the app. I do have it on my desktop Mac. Don’t know if there’s a Windows version. I did a quick search for you (iPastels + Windows) & found a couple of sites that said they offered it for Windows. Whether or not they’re legitimate I don’t know. Wish I could help…🤷🏻‍♀️🤗


  2. Hi, Tiffany!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I just saw that on Instagram (yes, I reactivated my account – just can’t stay away! 😂)! I hope your birthday was fabulous and that the year ahead will be your best ever!! 🎉🥳 Thank you – heater was fixed, yay! I’m trying to get caught everywhere after a few difficult weeks. It’s great to see you! 🥰👋


  3. Awwww, thank you! Heater’s fixed. I haven’t been around online for a while, just trying to get caught up. Are you doing OK? The pictures in your last post are soooo beautiful – I hope you have time to do more if you want to. I’m such a fan of your photography! 🥰👋

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  4. Cindy!!! Hi!! Thank you! Yes, they do! Heater’s OK now, YAY! (And thank you for the likes – I really appreciate it). I’m trying to get caught up online, but all I do is fall farther behind. 🙃🥰👋


  5. Glad you have heat again! I have been trying out my new phone’s cameras pretty regularly. The sky has been enticingly blue and leaf colors are actually reaching peak down here this year 👍


  6. Hi, Phil – you are so kind & thoughtful! Thank you for thinking of me. It means so much! The past month has been one challenge after the next, capped off most recently by another round of vaccination side effects (from the COVID booster). I had planned to be back here sooner but several days of fever/chills/nausea/ muscle aches took its toll. Feeling MUCH better today, tho, so unless something else happens I’ll be back very soon. I want to visit the people I follow before I post anything new. You may have seen an “FYI” post yesterday from this site – it was a scheduled one & when I realized it published I deleted it right away. Also, on my Art by Robin King site I had another scheduled one slip thru on the 16th but I figured no one was looking anyway so I left it up. ANYWAY…I’ll be over to visit soon. ((((thank you hugs)))) 🥰👋

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  7. I’m so glad to hear that you’re feeling better, dear Robin. 👍 That’s great news and I look forward to seeing you back, soon. Take care, my friend. 🤗🤗🤗

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  8. Awww, thank you, Phil. 🤗 I saw your STOPSTOPSTOP reply before it went away – I really enjoy looking at your work & getting caught up on all the wonders I’ve missed so I’m going to keep looking. But I understand, about the comments. Just got carried away. So much beauty, words just tumbled out. Will stop now, tho. 🥰👋

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  9. It’s all good, Sweetie. I was working on something, and couldn’t keep pace with you. 😂😂 I only accept & reply, or delete comments, so it does require my attention. I just left you a message on Twitter – including a free web site: Drag & click your mouse at different speeds. Refresh browser for blank screen. I use this and take many screenshots, to combine and stylize in Affinity or other programs. Have a nice night, Robin 😘

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  10. Hi, Phil! Thank you for being so kind! And thank you for that link – it’s terrific! I really like what you’re doing with the ones you’ve made! 👏👏👏 As soon as I can see what size a screenshot can be on my desktop I’ll know how to use it. My biggest struggle with photography & digital work now is how to make things large enough for Redbubble’s giant products. That site has amazing possibilities! 🥰👋

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