I Don’t Like to Draw


Pencil drawing – digitally edited (©️Robin King 2019)


I don’t like to draw.

Sometimes I like to tell a story with lines and shapes. The lines and shapes don’t have to look good as long as they get the point across. But I don’t enjoy drawing them. And I’ll make any excuse I can think of to not draw, unless I need an image of something.

I’ve tried lots of drawing books and techniques over the years; I’ve done the exercises until my fingers cramped. Nope. I still don’t like it. That “You’ll lose yourself in the act of drawing!” thing isn’t meant for me.

I really don’t like to paint, either, partly because of the necessary preparation – an aggravating mise en place for art – and the high-flying mess afterwards. I do paint on those rare occasions when tactility matters and when an image can’t be made to look the way I want, digitally. There are experiences with paint that can’t [yet] be replicated adequately using a computer, such as furiously slamming goo onto canvas.

So what do I like to do? Where do I “lose myself?”

In creating digital compilations. Digital mashups, digital collages, tradigital art – they’re called several names. For me, putting images of all kinds (photos, scans,* and digital and traditional drawings/paintings) together, layer-on-layer, then blending and editing them on a computer is pure joy. Hours can go by like nanoseconds.

Why? How can just messing around with pixels on a screen be that rewarding? Because the opportunities for exploration and discovery are limitless. I usually have a hint of what I’ll see when I change a blend setting or adjust color or add another layer or invert or any of the other numerous options available, but I don’t know for sure. It’s exciting! And if what I see isn’t something I want to see there’s no harm done – everything’s quickly “undoable.”

I love to see what will happen.

It’s the unknown, the “Ooooo! Lemme try this!” aspect that I adore. That’s what drives me and it’s probably  the reason I do any art at all.

Wonder…posit…test…assess…undo…wonder…posit…test…assess…undo…over and over again until: YAY!!! It’s pixel magic!!!

Experimentation: I love it.


*Scans? Whazzit? Using a flatbed scanner I also create digital images of paper, cardboard, drawings, old photos, slides, my face, my hands, flowers, drawings, paintings, etc., then incorporate those images as layers. Pure joy.

4 thoughts on “I Don’t Like to Draw”

  1. I know what you mean by not liking to draw. I tend be somewhat opposite in that I like the act of drawing (if/when I get started) … but often don’t like the outcome. However, forcing myself to do the daily drawings for 600 days in a row has cured me of that (mostly).

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  2. Your drawings are such a joy to see – I’d’ve thought you loved every one of them. Wow! Your doing 600 daily drawings in a row is amazing! Thank you – I’m sorry for being so late replying. 🤗

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