But I made it. Of course it’s a masterpiece!

“It’s the best piece of art ever created!” (©️Robin KingπŸ˜‚)

Ahhh…the artist’s whiny inner voice. Maybe you don’t have one? I do. It’s the foot-stamping, tantrum-instigating voice of lunacy that tells us the current work we’re doing is nothing less than genius and deserves to be in a museum RIGHT NOW, in spite of the obvious fact that it’s lukewarm crap.

The face above is my latest “masterpiece.” It’s still sitting in the Sketchbook app on my iPad. I know it’s objectively not great, probably not good, maybe bad, and certainly not worth being seen in public. But I can’t trash it. Can’t force myself, at least while the whining’s at peak volume.

There’s something about it that might be worth saving; it’s not all bad. But each time I change it I un-change it. It’s still too precious, this masterpiece, to fiddle with (according to that pesky inner voice).

So it sits, clogging the workspace of the app.

I’m done for the day. The face gets to stay overnight. Maybe I’ll save it to use as a template for something else. A painting? Or – better yet – a cut paper assembly or a collage. Another masterpiece!

Or maybe I’m just trying to avoid trashing it…


10 thoughts on “But I made it. Of course it’s a masterpiece!”

  1. Hahaha Yes, I can relate. Within my archive of ‘artworks’ reside an untold number of designs never meeting the threshold of finality, to be published as completed. Yet, therein, each represents a moment in time when deemed worthy, to some degree, to remain intact and serve as elements to a common practice of mine – repurposing. As such, many have found their way forward as being components to a larger work. Thank you for sharing, my friend. :)

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    1. Yes! They’re our history. Maybe they’re elements of our emotional DNA, too. We learn from them and incorporate them into our future. I like that idea of using them in other work, too, bec they can live other lives. πŸ₯°πŸ‘‹

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  2. Yep, one has the feeling they are on the verge of creating that masterpiece and then (for me) wrong brush stroke or decision and I’m on the road to failure followed by “oh well, I’ll get it right on the next one” … this is what keeps me going …

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    1. Oh, gosh, yes – that one fatal “Oops!” So true, about always trying to get it right, whatever it is. And sometimes it’s difficult to know when to stop trying to “fix” the thing – and move on. I find that to be esp challenging with digital compilations bec everything’s easily “undoable,” which means that trying to fix something can lead to hours and days and weeks of making pointless changes. But sometimes one tiny change changes everything and then it’s magic. I can’t get enough of that! πŸ€—πŸ‘‹

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