Because Things Always Change: Goodbye to Vectors and Instagram and WTF Widgets, too?

I can’t make something this “deliciously messy” using vector art. (©️Robin King)

I’ve removed the Amadine and Autodesk Sketchbook apps from my iPad, and deactivated my Instagram account.

Vectors (the Amadine app) are incredbly powerful but vector art isn’t for me, not right now. Its natural tidiness still irks me! If I change my mind I can use Vectornator on my desktop.

And, as much as I loved having Autodesk Sketchbook around, its easy presence gave me too good an excuse to mess around instead of work. Some playtime is good. But there are limits.

I deactivated my Instagram account yesterday, too.

Not art-related: I just tried to adjust a widget on this site and discovered that “Widgets” have been absorbed by the Block Editor onslaught. Now, to change/add/delete a widget using the “Classic Widgets” we need to download a plugin for open source widgets. Normally I wouldn’t mind jumping in and learning about plugins but I don’t have the time or patience right now. Here’s hoping that my widgets stay healthy for a while.