Look: Washbelly – Visual Artist

Just go to this blog: https://www.washbelly.com/blog

Read some of the entries. Check out the site itself: https://www.washbelly.com

Look at the art!

I don’t trust myself to tell you about it or even describe it because if I do I’ll likely turn all giddy about how much I love it, which, honestly, would be unnecessary. You’ll form your own opinion. You don’t need me and my over-the-top gushing.

But you have to click and look, and (I hope) read.

There’s no commenting, no interacting with the artist on the site. I don’t think there’s even a way to follow. You can follow on Instagram, though, and I recommend doing that. Here (if he’s still there): https://www.instagram.com/washbelly_art/

OK…here’s a little of my unedited, unprofessionally phrased opinion, if you want it:

🔥WOWEEE!! He makes terrific stuff!!🔥


5 thoughts on “Look: Washbelly – Visual Artist”

  1. Cool!!! Those are wonderful and inspirational mixed media artworks in a style somewhat similar to the fine faces your design, my friend – but, I like yours better. 👍

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