Shifting Art Gears: Time to Touch the Colors Again

“Cry Day” – photography/digital collage (©️Robin King)

Lately I’ve spent my art-time – what there is of it! – experimenting on my iPad. It’s not an iPad Pro and its storage capacity is limited, but that’s OK. Having to find workarounds adds to the enjoyment for me. 

The basic structure of the experiment is that I create 1000x1000pixel images. That’s small enough not to take up too much storage space but large enough to post on Instagram without bad blurriness

Using only the Autodesk Sketchbook app and my existing photos I’ve created several multilayer images – nearly all faces. It’s been great fun and I’ve discovered new ways to use the app that I plan to apply to other imaging apps, on my desktop. Success!

But this morning I walked by a scramble of barely-used Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils sitting under a box of tempera sticks and my fingers wanted to grab all of them. It’s time to take a break from pixels and use some traditional materials: I need to touch the colors!


Here are a few of the other images I’ve made or re-edited recently and posted on Instagram:

“Papers, Please” (©️Robin King)
“Fear tastes like a rusty knife…” John Cheever (©️Robin King
“Blue Tuesday” (©️Robin King)


7 thoughts on “Shifting Art Gears: Time to Touch the Colors Again”

  1. Yeah, no matter how much fun I have digitally, the pull of pushing real live pigment across a surface is, well, I don’t even know the word this morning, lol! Maybe – alluring! Calling to us. Wonderful the glows in both your BW & color work samples above, Robin 😊

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  2. I wish I had your digital/technical skills, still something I want to dip my toes into someday! I really love these images, your work is so full of expression, I know you can create amazingness no matter what medium you choose! 😉🥰

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  3. You are so nice!! Thank you, Tiffany! I love using digital tools partly bec they’re so forgiving. I can edit without changing the original – test things, etc. – which is GREAT!! My skill level with traditional materials is just rudimentary so I’m always frustrated with them & rarely manage to create what I want to. So combining traditional with digital is like the perfect world for me. I’m in awe of what you do, the magic you make – can only imagine doing it! And however you use digital things I know will be fabulous! Thank you!!! 🥰👋


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