Stress Response? MAKE ART!


“Some people never shut up.”
“Some birthdays are better than others.”
“Facial Memory”

Is making art “fight?” Or is it “flight?” Fight or flight – that’s how we respond to stress. Along with most of the world my level of stress has been higher than normal for more than a year. Lately, mine’s been much higher and the remnants of Hurricane Ida made everything worse last week.

But this weekend my mind decided – on its own – how to cope with the additional stress effects. How? By making faces, one after another, each face different, all faces feeling something or being challenged by something. Faces, so many faces! Stress reduction through tiny weird faces made on my iPad? Sure! Why not? It worked. Each face brought me closer to stasis and, although I’m not as “relaxed” as I’d like, I feel more human. Yay for that!


The faces above are among the most recent. They’re posted (along with the others) on my new Instagram experimental account –

20 thoughts on “Stress Response? MAKE ART!”

  1. Haaaa! I just “let it all out” in the faces, I guess. Felt wonderful! I usually hold back a little, trying to “do the right thing” (art-wise) & also trying not to come across as too weird, but these – these kinds of faces – are my happy place. Thank you, Adan!! 🥰👋

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  2. Hey Robin!!!!!! Love the faces, and love that they helped!!!! Yep … just get it all out there!!!!! How did you do with Ida? She was headed straight for us, but veered east. My cousins and friends in the Annapolis area fared fine, but that tornado was close. I hope you didn’t have damage and flooding??? How are the Kittieahzzz??

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  3. Lois!! Thank you sooo much!! Glad you & loved ones OK, post-Ida. ::whew:: This area was surrounded by bad stuff but we did OK. Water in the basement, ugh. Are you familiar with the Branywine River Museum? It’s closed indefinitely bec of the flooding. I think the Brandywine was 20ft above flood stage. Tornado to the northwest, by a few miles. We had a little breeze & really bad downpours, that’s all. More storms due today, flood watch again. Thank you again, Lois!! 🥰👋


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