No Time for Art: Ida’s Knocking on the Door

Normally I’d include an image or two here but I have to move up my timeline for “hurricane prep” because Ida shifted her track. This area’s supposed to be hit with flooding rain and storms, beginning tonight.

Ida’s not a hurricane anymore and her punch is a bit muted from traveling over land but we’re already over-saturated and also have another weather front passing through. What that means is too much rain with nowhere to go and an elevated risk of tornadic activity. What THAT means is that I have to stow away electronics, charge stuff that needs it, and try to get ready for water in places it shouldn’t be (like the basement). 

I’m logging out now. If I get everything done in time I’ll stop back in here to visit everyone before Ida arrives.

17 thoughts on “No Time for Art: Ida’s Knocking on the Door”

  1. Yikes! It seems like your area never gets a break, at least during the summer. Paws crossed that Ida just brushes past your house and leaves your house and yard untouched. (Well, a little wet maybe.) Or maybe I can tell her to come to hot, dry California and put the wildfires out! And fill our reservoirs and rivers. We could use a good soaking now!

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  2. Hi!! Thank you!! Did OK where I am except for water in the basement. Nearby? Major flooding. The Brandywine Creek flooded at 20ft. It’s very hilly here, with lots of waterways, so some places stayed dry and others went underwater. There were so many tornado warnings during the day that the weather people had to tag-team in announcing them. One person couldn’t keep up with the data. Thank you again! 🥰👋

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  3. Aww, thank you. Did OK where I am, except for water in the basement. Then a bat. Them ants. I’ll have to do Blogbeams post for all that stuff. Yes, I wish we could send you water!!! WOW! Thank you again 🥰👋


  4. Phil!!! Thank you!! Did OK where I am except for a bunch of water in the basement. Nearby? Flooding, tornadoes – destructive, long-lasting damage. Lots of hills and waterways, so some places got awful flooding but others had nothing. Thank you again! 🥰👋

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  5. Years ago one went thru our neighborhood. It was only an F0 so it wasn’t tremendously destructive but it did knock a tree onto someone’s roof, bisected it. I was driving home from work, drove thru it, had no idea it was a tornado. But keeping the car on the road was REALLY tough. Thank you!! 🤗👋


  6. Thank you!!! Did OK. Bad things happened in all directions, near here, but we came thru with “only” water in the basement. Could’ve been MUCH worse. Thank you again! 🥰👋

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  7. Cindy! Hi!! Thank you!! Did OK, just a little wind. The rain was bad, tho, reminded me of when the remnants of Hurricane Floyd came thru. THAT storm flooded my uncle’s house to second floor ceiling, total loss. Water in the basement here – like now. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with it. Each time we get rain these days it seems to be torrential. Sick of it. I wish we could send it to places that need it! The Brandywine River Museum is closed indefinitely due to flooding. It sits mext to the Brandywine River, which (I think) was at 20ft above flood stage. Last I heard they were asking for donations to help with the damage. It’s a lovely place, but that river’s going crazy. Thank you again!!! 🥰👋

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