What happens when you can’t trash a face? And: Skunk!

“What’s that smell?”

One difficulty with making so many faces is that they hang around. I can’t put them in the trash. Those eyes! 

The goofy face above is an example. It’s pointless, surely digital trash. I scribbled it (using the iPad Notes app) while trying to ignore the skunk scent coming into the house this morning – which is probably why the face’s nostrils are so pinched. Even this doodle dude didn’t want to breathe the skunk air. 

Two scented candles later and the air’s better so I tried to trash the face. Nope. Can’t do it. THOSE EYES!

Faces won’t leave. They lurk in drawers and bags and closets, and lounge in tippy piles on shelves. I use them in digital compilations then store them again. A few times I’ve tried to cut up the especially disastrous ones, to use in collages. But there’s a limit. The scissors always stop when they approach those eyes.

I can trash everything else easily. Only the faces linger. Even skunk air clears out after a while but not those faces. Not those eyes.

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