Clicking and Hoping

Today I found time to sit at my Mac and try to make progress with Affinity Photo.

The good news? I learned quite a bit.

I’m now able to open several photographic images as layers, compile and edit them, then turn them into one new image – using Affinity Photo. That may sound like nothing but it isn’t nothing if the program you’re using now is nothing like the program you’ve used to perform those actions for the past 16 years. I lost Photoshop Elements when Big Sur arrived. I know Photoshop Elements. Affinity Photo is new to me. They’re nowhere near as similar as I’d like them to be. But, as of today, I can create a multi-layer digital compilation again.


Earlier attempts to use Affinity Photo weren’t as successful. My preferred method of learning is to click and hope. Instructions? Step-by-step videos? Nope. Just let me open the program and TRY STUFF. If it’s possible to get there I’ll get there. But I may do a lot of grumbling along the way.

Anyway…today was the big day when all that clicking and hoping paid off. I took a few micro setup shots of plastic in sunshine with the camera, transferred them to the computer, then began working with Affinity. The result was decent. I still found it awkward to work with the image as a whole in Affinity Photo because selecting it takes me places I don’t want to be. That difficulty made the composition weak and I’m not satisfied with it for prints. But taken in pieces or tiled, for products? That could work! The image (above – as a product mockup) looks good. I may or may not post it for sale on Redbubble; still thinking about how to re-compose the thing without losing the features that I like.

After Affinity and all those synapses crackling in my brain I needed a break with more tactile toys so opened a storage box I haven’t looked in for years. I knew it was art supplies but I packed it up so long ago I didn’t know whatΒ it contained. It was acrylic markers! Ooooo…those fat, slurpy plastic tubes filled with liquid acrylic paint and fitted with felt tips! What a find! Luscious acrylic gooeyness!! Tomorrow is all about the markers!


Affinity Photo:

The markers:



9 thoughts on “Clicking and Hoping”

  1. Know what you mean ’bout Affinity Photo; I use it a lot now since Photoshop went subscription, but still don’t have beyond a basic working handle on it. Still, best I have for layers etc 😊 I think you should post on Redbubble – I’m not on there, know very little bout it, but your design is deliciously rich! And then – liquid acrylic what, lol? Yeah, show us next post! 😊

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  2. I too have affinity photo, however I prefer Pixelmator Pro. I find the interface a lot less cluttered. I also find it faster and better quick selection tools. The way affinity handles layers compared to photoshop and Pixelmator is odd. I almost went blind trying read the tiny text on the tool bars etc. I don’t do much image processing or collaging these days, Procreate on iPad is the tool for now.

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  3. Hi, Adan! I apologize for the delay in replying! Thank you about the design! And I appreciate your comments re Affinity – good to know I’m not the only one who hasn’t figured it out yet!! I think I will post that on Redbubble! And the liquid acrylics? Didn’t get to them yet. The past could weeks went a little bonkers here, am waaaaay behind in everything!! Thank you again! πŸ₯°πŸ‘‹

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  4. Hi! Please forgive how late this reply is – things went looneytunes for a couple of weeks, just catching up now. About Affinity layers: YES! I found it unnecessarily complicated to navigate. I do a lot of digital work, mostly with layers, so I miss Photoshop Elements! It was easy! Using “dodge” and “burn” (etc.) with the various marking tools was elegantly simple in Elements, too. I can’t even find that feature in Affinity! Will try Pixelmator again, soon. Thank you!!!! πŸ₯°πŸ‘‹

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  5. No problem, hang in there! ❀️ And I was just “trying” to copy paste a layer in Affinity Photo to another file and it-just-wouldn’t! I keep trying and trying, finally picked the bottom layer (white fill pixel layer) and it copied the whole thing so I could paste it, lol! Sure hope that workbook for us iPad users gets done and published this fall! 😊


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