Mouse Pads, Desk Mats, and Suddenly It’s Thursday

Redbubble is introducing MOUSE PADS and DESK MATS soon. I spent some time earlier in the week “enabling” images for the new products and am happy to say that many of my existing product images look good on them so my work will be part of the launch. In a few days I’ll do a preview here, but this is an early look: 

And…it’s Thursday. This week was supposed to have seven days like all other weeks do but it feels like it had MAYBE two. Suddenly this week is running out of days. Nearly all of the plans I had to create new work or at least complete some in-process things went bye-bye, fast. That detail from a painting – above – is one example. I thought I could at least give the guy a mouth this week but as of today things aren’t looking good for him and his mouthlessness. Maybe this weekend!   

6 thoughts on “Mouse Pads, Desk Mats, and Suddenly It’s Thursday”

  1. Hi!! Oh, your pieces will FABULOUS on these new products!! Thank you about my faces – I don’t often put them on products (except as prints) bec a few years ago a couple of people told me that the faces were too grim or sad – that no one would want to see them on pillows or tote bags, etc. That’s why I separated my 2 accounts. “Art by Robin King” is designs, abstracts, & photography that don’t look miserable or grumpy like my faces…LOL… they’re mostly very bright colors. But I should try a couple of faces on products. Maybe those people were wrong! Thank you for the idea!!! 🥰👋


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