Can Vectors Be Messy?

Trying to find a way to use vector art is all I can handle right now, art-wise, so I’m still working with the Amadine app when I can. The image above is my most recent. I thought about adding a nose and mouth but the face didn’t want one. Her expression seems to come through the way things are, I think, and it’s not a terrible result as is. So: progress.

But I still miss the rough edges and uneven colors of the non-vector work I usually do. The perfection of vector edges eventually annoys me. Right after I finished the face above I reached for some sketch paper and watercolors, and painted what I felt:

The paper was too thin, I used too much water (as usual), and the colors were bad choices so I desaturated the image in editing. But I like this face. It’s rough and uneven and gritty and unfinished but it already says what I want it to, in part because of its messiness. Can vectors ever be that way? Am I asking for too much? 


Amadine app:

10 thoughts on “Can Vectors Be Messy?”

  1. Hi! That’s what I figured I do, probably trying it both ways. But the reason I wanted to learn vector art is the ability to upsize it w/o losing resolution for printing. Once I add other work (digital or analogue) the resolutions will be determined by those images and then there’s not much point for the vectors. Pretty sure that’s how it would work, anyway, haven’t tried it yet. What I wish for is the equivalent of existing types of digital brushes/pens (like in Photoshop, Corel, etc.) but behaving like vectors and producing the vector-type end product. That’d be a good compromise. Maybe there’s a program out there somewhere that will do it. I’ll have to do some looking! Thank you!! 🥰👋


  2. Oh, gosh – you’re welcome. I’m just guessing about some of it, based on years of doing non-vector digital art. Considering that vectors are made of numbers & calculations I think that having “messy” – fragmented – lines would be tough to accommodate in an application. But maybe there’s a way to put randomness into the calculations. I wish I knew. Maybe I’ll ask the Amadine people. 🙃🤗

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  3. Hi! Hmmm…we can make our own vector brushes? Haven’t seen that option yet, in Amadine. So far all I’ve found is one basic round brush that can be varied by opacity, roundness, angle, width, & color. No spiky/uneven one and no “add a brush” tool. I’ve made them in PhotoshopElements – it’s fun! Being able to with vectors would be great! I’ll see if I can find an old version of Inkscape. Maybe that has brush options. Thank you! 🤗👋

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  4. Hi!! I did a search for making vector brushes. Looks like Inkscape can handle it. That’s great! The only hitch is that I’m hanging on by my fingernails trying to figure out the Amadine app, not sure if I’m ready for Inkscape. My recollection of that is of MANY tools, options, etc. – more than Amadine. But I’ll take a look! Thank you for the idea!! 😁

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  5. Hi! Thank you for the link! I have just Affinity Photo, not Designer. Maybe Photo does vectors; don’t know bec it’s been sitting on my Mac for a couple of months unused bec I can’t sit at the desktop for too long right now. That’s why I got Amadine (also it’s free!). It’s tiny in size (good for my iPad) and seemed like a good “starter” app for learning vectors. I’ll look for support info on Affinity, see If they mention custom vector brushes. I have Vectornator and Pixelmator Pro, too, sitting on the Mac. Maybe they’ll do the brushes. Thank you for the idea!!! 🤗👋

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