Testing the Camera with Faces

Mixed media on canvas board @Robin King

Still testing the camera, this time with in-process faces. The brightly-colored one above is mixed media, mostly acrylic but some ink and paper, all on canvas board. It’s nearly complete. I’m pleased with how the colors turned out in the photo – they look almost the way I see them. Good result from the camera but when I shoot this piece for uploading to Redbubble some minor color edits may be needed. Maybe.

The face below has always fooled me. I never know when it’s finished so I never make adjustments to it on the canvas. Instead, I test them using Photoshop Elements to see if I like the changes. This test photo has been significantly edited because I just can’t resist doing that. The odd darkness across the left side of the face that looks like a very pointy mustache is a shadow – the main reason I used this canvas as a camera test. I needed to see how the camera handles extremes in light. Again, a good result. 

Acrylic on canvas ©️Robin Kng

However: when I took these pictures I was still overwhelmed by the many setting options on the camera and neglected to do the simplest task well. I didn’t check to see if I’d set it to manual focus or auto focus. Turns out it was on manual focus so everything’s a bit blurry. My fault entirely. The camera’s wonderful. 


7 thoughts on “Testing the Camera with Faces”

  1. Sounds like a good system, Robin 👍 I really enjoy using the Develop Persona with Affinity Photo, as well as Adjustment Layers, when preparing photographs for upload. Have a nice day, my friend 🙏😊

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  2. PHIL!!!! Aaaack!! How did I not reply to you sooner?? I’m so sorry! Thank you! Affinity sounds terrific & seems like it has everything I need. Trouble is, until recently (like, this week) I haven’t been able to sit at the desktop long enough to learn much of Affinity. But I hope to be able to, gradually, in the next few weeks. First, tho, I need to take more pictures. The poor camera’s been sitting in a drawer ever since I posted this. The one time I went out I used my old one but taking pix of weeds thru an open car window didn’t go as well as I hoped it would! Anyway, my goal is to get some decent shots with the new one and edit them – before Halloween. 🎃👻💀Thank you again – 🥰👏

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  3. Yes, be careful my friend. I’m sure you’ll get some pictures to work with, soon. There are soooo many ways to use pictures for art through Affinity Photo, and I’m happy to help with a few ideas when the time is right. 🎃👻💀

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