Smile for the Camera!

©️Robin King

Ummm…maybe I’m getting ahead of myself?  “Laugh at the photographer” would be more accurate. I thought my new camera was very similar to my very old one but it’s different in ways I didn’t even consider. I’m sitting here humbled by my ineptness and frazzled by nascent panic.

You know that place where you have a new techno-whoosit and it doesn’t do what you want but you don’t know if it’s your lack of knowledge or some flaw in the equipment? That’s the place I’m in. Most likely: I’m the problem. To remedy that I need time and patience. And sunshine, not only for the camera but also for my state of mind. We have sun today and probably a few days after that – with high temperatures and air quality alerts – so I’m planning to stay inside and go back to camera school.

Because my “happy place” in photography is close-up work being inside will be OK. Macros are good ways to practice, I think, because I can control the environment while I learn how to use this amazing camera that’s currently intimidating the heck out of me. Maybe by next week I’ll have fallen in love with it, the way I love my old one. Techno-whoosits need love, too. 

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