Thank you, Amadine! I’m beginning to understand vectors!

Every day, I try a little more with the Amadine app. It infuriates me, it thrills me, it coaxes me, and it encourages me – and then, suddenly, it reveals its power. Wow! For the past week I’ve been trying to duplicate layers and then fill the objects with colors. Nope. That’s not how Amadine does things. I’m still thinking non-vectorally (that’s probably not a word but I don’t care). I need to think in VECTORS. Today I did and had big success with Amadine. See that pink and yellow image above? That’s it. You may look at it and think, “What the fuss about?” It’s pink and yellow blobby squiggles that could’ve been hand drawn in Photoshop Elements. Or with colored pencils on paper. The difference is that it’s a vector-based drawing and I managed to do it in very few steps. That’s a big step forward for me.

To celebrate (and to test the layout) I uploaded it privately to Redbubble, where I put it on a tee shirt. Tomorrow I’ll go back to the image in Amadine and make some adjustments, then upload it again to Redbubble where it’ll be a pretty, decorative design for sale on lots of products.

Thank you, Amadine! What shall we try next? 

EDITED TO ADD: Today I made the design available for sale in my Shop on Redbubble. Its new name is “Playing Pink and Yellow.”