©️Robin King
“Bright Eye” (©️Robin King)

Recently I decided to change my art work areas. It seemed simple at first but you know how these things go, right? One move makes something else shift and that shift topples a pile of drawings accumulated over twenty years and that lands in a box of inks that suddenly looks like trash and nearly gets thrown out…


I can’t find anything. My Mac is strangling in a nest of cables that belong to other devices.  Brightly-colored paints and pigments are bubbling to the top of containers in rainbows of confusion. It’s untenable. So, instead of trying to “work around it” I’m going to devote a few days to wrangling the turmoil.

See you on the other side.

18 thoughts on “Upheaval”

  1. Cindy!! Yes! You’re so right! Me, too. And so did the new RB “caps.” I’ve stopped reorganizing to work on them & have soooo many ideas!!! Thank you!!!! 🥰👋

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  2. Yes!! Hi, Tiffany!! You’re right! And then suddenly RB is adding new prodcts so I’ve stopped to work on them! LOL! Thank you!!! 🥰👋


  3. Hi – thank you for asking. I apologize for the confusion that post caused. I deleted it 2 minutes after I posted it bec I changed my mind re its appropriateness. It was just a post saying thank you for recent comments, apologizing for not replying yet, and explaining the reason for my absence, which may be lengthy. Someone I dearly love is dying (unless a miracle happens). I just can’t focus sensibly on anything else. Thank you again. :)


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