We’re over, Instagram. But it’s not you – it’s me.


Honestly, Instagram, I’ve tried. So many times! I’ve created terabytes of images just for you, and spent hours clicking-clicking-clicking all while trying earnestly to be a version of me that’s interesting and fun and followable. You’ve given me a platform! Opportunities! Algorithms! People to follow! And all I’ve given you is hope. No wonder we can’t make a go of it.

I’ve read about how to make you happy, how to create niche art and to SHARE ME, and to never ever take breaks from you because people won’t trust me to make buyable art if I don’t post and visit all day and all night, every day and every night. I’ve read and I’ve tried. You know I’ve been hanging around you ever since you opened. You know how many of your accounts I’ve had (and closed), wretched victims of my Insta-unworthiness. 

You know. But because I haven’t been what you need me to be, you don’t care. And that’s OK, Instagram, because I’m finished with you now. We’re over. I’ll never live up to your expectations and you’ll never live up to mine. 

A few minutes ago I “disabled” one of my accounts. In seven days I’ll “disable” the other. Why not just delete them? Because I always have hope. Always!

Maybe – someday – we’ll find a way to get along. Until then, please don’t feel bad, Instagram. You won’t miss me. You have plenty of other lovers.

12 thoughts on “We’re over, Instagram. But it’s not you – it’s me.”

  1. I’ve been considering closing my social media accounts, partly because someone has repeatedly tried to hack into my Instagram account—I keep getting these messages saying “We’re sorry you’re having trouble logging in, please change your password” (huh?)—and partly because I get fed up with fake followers and “influencers” who just want people’s eyes. The people I’d really like to hear from seldom post or, in some cases, don’t even show up on my feed. It’s like Facebook or Twitter has decided only certain accounts are worthy of being featured, something I’ll bet you’ve dealt with.

    (Also, what’s up with these guys I don’t know DM’ing me on Instagram? I’m like, “I don’t think I am who you think I am.” One guy actually said, “I’m lonely!” I replied, “NOT MY PROBLEM.”)

    I feel bad you won’t be appearing on Instagram, but i totally get it. I wish there was a better way for you to show off your art, but it seems like all of the online sites have issues with bots and bad actors.

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  2. Sometimes it can seem like there’s always some sort of challenge that really shouldn’t be, shouldn’t take up so much time. I’ve often been discouraged with Twitter, for instance, having changed my handle many times and closed different accounts. The main thing is to keep on keeping on ~ I think that your art faces are really AWESOME, my friend Robin 😍 Have a nice day 🌞🌹

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  3. Hi! Thank you!!! Yikes! That’s awful about the trouble you’re having with the Instagram hacking and weird DMs. Ugh! Part of my reason for leaving is that making “Instagram-friendly” images is MUCH easier on my Mac than on my iPad but we can’t upload from a non-mobile device. It’s awkward and time-consuming AND takes up storage space on the iPad. Mostly, tho, it takes so much time and time is tough to find. The way things are now, I spend more time on social media than actually doing anything with art. That’s upside down!! If I don’t have time to create anything then there’s no reason to be on Instagram in the first place! I do love seeing all the amazing art on Instagram, tho. 🎨 Well, Twitter will be it, for now. I still have @artbyrobinking & @robinkingfaces there, and Twitter’s quicker, easier to use. Thank you again ! 🥰👋

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  4. Phil!! Hi! Thank you! I hate to think of all the social media accounts I’ve opened over the years! Twitter, tumblr, AboutMe, Instagram, Vero (!), etc. I expected magic from all of them and was always disappointed bec I didn’t do what needed to be done. And each one of them had pluses, minuses. But time is just too precious now to spend it on sites that don’t love me back 😂. If I do all the social media stuff I have no time to create and that can’t be OK. Twitter’s quicker/easier. It may not be the “art” place and the demographics may skew slightly older (I don’t know) but it’s something. So I’ll do my best with it. I’m glad you’re there!!!!! (((hugs))) ……. Thank you very, very much about my faces – you just put a smile on my face that will last for hours!! 😁😁😁😁😁🥰👋

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  5. I’m so glad, Robin 🤗🤗 Yes, I’ve done the same over the years – so many different social media accounts that ended up intruding upon limited time. And, now defunct sales platforms, as well. It’s true what you said – that time is precious and should be devoted to the creative processes, as much as is possible. Sending you a 😘 for good luck. Have a nice day, my friend 🌞

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  6. Hi, Cindy! I guess there’s not much we can do – the world’s set up that way now. I still feel like 90% of my effort’s a waste of time, but it’s like buying a lottery ticket: can’t win if I don’t play. I wonder if anyone actually enjoys the social media rat race? I like being here on WP but Twitter freaks me out, so does RB now, tbh. It’s not what it was at all. 🥰👋

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  7. Tumblr! I was there when they opened up – liked it a lot. Seeing the art on Instagram is wonderful but having to create images (and having no links to use) turned me off. I admire the patience of anyone still on FB – I hated every second of the time(s) I was there! Good luck with it!! 🥰👋


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