Those Colors, Those Eyes

Have you ever been in a theater or concert venue before the show? Were you lucky enough to watch the stage crew get ready? I’ve stood on plenty of stages for “light checks” – when the lighting crew tests the spots, the colors, the filters, etc., and bathe at least one human face in an incredible array of colors. Lighting matters because the colors in light tell stories. That’s why I love this face even though it’s not what it was “supposed to be” and even though I know that some people will be turned off by the sad eyes and the highly-saturated colors. ThoseΒ colors, surroundingΒ those eyes, matter. They have stories to tell.Β 

(Tomorrow I’ll post this new face in my Shop on Redbubble.)

7 thoughts on “Those Colors, Those Eyes”

  1. YES! This is fantastic, and yes, I love watching behind the scenes at concerts, the lighting, the stagehands and soundchecks, all the activity thoroughly excites me!! I have a friend that does the lighting for major acts, he plays it down, but it would be a really fun gig!

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