Tropical Storm Elsa & Aggravating Art


We’re in Tropical Storm Elsa’s path, bad enough. Shortly after Elsa arrives there’s a “cold front” coming through – it won’t be cold enough to make me happy but 80 degrees is much better than 97 degrees with high humidity. A cold front means more storms, though. Probably.

Today I’ll be doing storm prep (again) and tonight I’ll be hoping for the best. Thought I’d share this vector thing while there’s still power. I made it using the excellent Amadine app. Yes, I’m learning more about the tools and what’s possible with vectors. And yes, I still have a long way to go. But there’s an irritating aspect to vector art (other than its freaky sleek edges): I’m constantly tapping! Tap! Tap! Tap! Everything needs a tap! It’s so SLOW!* Sure, I’m not good at it yet but faster tapping isn’t the answer. I want less tapping.

I don’t have the patience for it, so far. Right now it reminds me of knitting a pattern where you have to keep changing needles or yarns, or putting stitches on other needles and then knitting them off those needles onto other needles. GAHHHH!! You can get faster at that kind of knitting but it’s still aggravating. Vectors are like that. For me, anyway. 

Maybe I’ll change my mind but not today. Elsa’s stopping by. 


*Just to be clear: Amadine runs fast! The slowness I’m talking about is the added time all that tapping adds. It’s distracting, too. Draw, tap. Draw, tap. Draw, tap. Move, tap. Draw, tap. Move, tap. Draw, tap. Over and over and over again.


    1. Thank you!!!! 🥰 And thank you about the vector art – I was beginning to wonder if it’s just me. I know I’m impatient once I start working on something but WOW those vector things can be frustrating!! 🤗👋

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      1. I feel much more comfortable creating more organic lines, lol! I did read somewhere that Sargent didn’t hesitate using rulers etc to create straight lines. ‘Course digitally that’s a different issue, “if” one wants perfectly straight lines. Personally I feel a little bend or waver in a line is nice in art 😊

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        1. Yes!!! Me, too!! Vectors are powerful but they’re almost too “neat” and “perfect” for me – I like to make smudges and oops’s and interesting messes – LOL 😂 ….. 🥰

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  1. Do you use the app on an iPad? Or a phone? I’ve been experimenting with drawing apps on my iPhone but usually end up deleting them within a day or two because they require a lot of fiddly work. It’s more fun (for me, anyway) to draw on paper with a pen or crayon, though my younger daughter says digital media looks a lot more “finished” and professional. I’m not really aiming for a professional look anyway, but it might be nice to do something I can actually post online.

    But stay safe! Hope you’re stocked up on food that doesn’t need refrigeration (agh, power outages) and have extra batteries and candles in the pantry. I hate the 100+ temperatures we’ve been getting here, but at least the power has stayed on. (Fingers crossed.) Though we’ve actually seen trees drop branches because they’re dying of thirst and are trying to save the core part of the trunk and roots. Which is very sad.

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    1. Hi!! I use Amadine on my iPad. My main reason for working with them again is bec Redbubble has lots of VERY LARGE products that require either patterns or VERY LARGE images. Vectors can be saved as information, rather than actual images, which means they can be made larger. Well, that’s the way I understand it. For me, that means I can make little things on my little iPad, then transfer them (their information) to my desktop, where another program can enlarge them a lot. Then I can upload them to RB (for shower curtains, duvet covers, etc.). My other imaging apps are limited by the size of the tools they have. Dunno if it’s a good idea or not but I’m trying it. Plus, I messed around with vectors years ago and didn’t stick with them long enough to learn anything useful. I want to rectify that, if only to know I can. Yikes! You use a phone screen! That’d make me feel super-claustrophobic! The iPad’s small enough! Have fun!
      Thank you, about the storm! Right now I’m trying to decide if I should take the trash out to the street or not. Yesterday the weather people were talking about tornadoes (always possible with tropical systems) so I planned not to. But the tornado threat has been reduced to minimal. That’s GOOD! Yes, lots of batteries, flashlights, battery-operated fans. Everything’s charged that needs to be (except this iPad). Lots of canned goods. And, most importantly, lots of Reeses. And cat food! But I hopehopehope we don’t lose power bec I have food in the freezer/frig that’ll cost $$$ to replace, probably won’t be able to. That’s sad about your trees!! I’d gladly send you millions of gallons of water! The worry with high heat – which usually arrives with high humidity around here – is exploding electric transformers. It’s a big problem when heat and humidity combine. Stoopid weather. 🤬Thank you again!! I hope you get a nice, cool rain! 🥰👋

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