One More Vector Post and Then I’ll Stop. Maybe.

Looks like a city. Or a robot watching a droopy moon?

If you’ve been here recently you may know that I’ve been sharing some of my vector images as I teach myself how to use the Vectornator and Amadine apps. My goal is to make LARGE images – faces, mostly, but also “abstracts.” I’ve steered clear of vector art for many years. Why? Because it looked too clean, too sleek, too not me. But I finally realized that I could use vector work as the base layers in my tradigital work. Messy merged with clean? Perfect! Of course, the possibility of making salable patterns/abstracts is there, too. Win-win.

The image above is one I made on my iPad, using Amadine. Nothing special: a graphic-geometric-something. But it was easy to do. And fun! Two weeks ago it would have been a difficult slog. That’s progress.

So: It’s time to move on and stop yapping about vectors (unless I do something spectacular with them). There are so many other topics to explore and discoveries to share!