Justice, Justice

I had other plans for the next couple of weeks but sometimes plans are the Universe’s way of saying “Bwahahaaa!! Gotcha!”

All my art-plans are now shelved for something I’ve never done, never even considered doing, and don’t know if I can do. But I’m going to try.

This post by The Art Teacher is the reason: https://theartteacher.net/2021/03/17/ks3-3d-art-project-design-and-build/It inspired me to make a “face house” but before I had a chance to sketch a plan, that idea blew itself up and changed to a “face courthouse.” Straightforward enough, right? A courthouse with the characteristics of a face.

But what if it’s a dystopian courthouse where the administration of justice isn’t what we’re used to? What if…


    1. Hi!! Yes, it’s great fun already, finding all the bits & pieces to use for the construction. I want it to be based in reality (like the building should at least LOOK structurally sound) but still have some surreal aspects to it. Thank you!! :) 😻


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