New Face: “Who Is Behind Your Mask?”

New work! A new face!

I’m so excited – this is the first face I’ve done using the new camera and Affinity Photo and Pixelmator Pro. It’s six layers of photos, edited separately and as a group. Masks have always fascinated me. Now that so many in the people in the world live their lives behind them for survival and so many have confronted death while wearing them, I wanted to explore the idea of “the identity behind the mask.”  

It’s a complex concept and I only peeked below the surface with this face. Maybe I’ll do a series.

(“Who Is Behind Your Mask” is available as open edition prints in my Shop on Redbubble:



  1. Congratulations, Robin ~ its an excellent new face artwork 🎨 and so cool to incorporate each creative input you’ve mentioned. Have a great weekend, my friend 😊🌹

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