Before the Power Goes Out

Some areas have trees down and power’s already out nearby, but the worst of the storm hasn’t arrived here yet so I’m doing this quick post. 

AMADINE (free vector art app) is super! I’m actually making good progress learning how to use it, with a minimum amount of yelling. Gotta run…



    1. Awww, thank you!! I’m glad you think that cat is cool, Phil. Vectors still confound me but the cat looks like a cat so I guess I’m making progress. Did OK with the storm: kept power and the roof, no trees fell. But water came in. Too much rain, too fast! Thank you again! 🥰👋

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    1. Thank you!!! Did OK, power stayed on. So did the roof. Trees are still upright, too. But a bunch of water came in – it rained too much, too fast. Thank you again! 🥰👋


    1. Awwww, thank you!! Did OK except for water in the basement. Just too much rain, too fast. But power stayed on, trees stayed where they belonged, etc. Thank you again! 🥰👋


    1. Whoa…you do OK? Water in the basement, here. But power stayed on, etc.., so not as bad as a lot of people got it. There were tornadoes reported in the area. Accck. Thank you again!! Take care! 🥰👋


    1. Thank you!!! Did OK, some water came in – too much rain, too fast – but power stayed on and no trees fell, etc. Oooo…you have cool breezes! And sunshine!! Enjoy!! Thank you again! 🥰👋


    1. I wish we could do that, too! Battening down the hatches again, today. Tropical storm then cold front are on their way. I’m hoping everything stays standing. Thank you!!! (((hugs))) 🥰👋

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