Welcome Home, Image Tricks Lite!

If you enjoy creating digital art or editing photographs, you might like Image Tricks Lite (from Belight Software): https://www.belightsoft.com/products/imagetricks/ .  

It’s powerful and free!

I’ve been using it for years but ever since I upgraded to Big Sur (Mac) I haven’t had an opportunity to try out the latest version. That changed a few minutes ago when I fired up the Image Tricks “generator” and began playing. FANTASTIC!!!  

The first graphic design I made is very simple and  colorful. It rendered large enough to place “as is” on all of the Redbubble products (although I did need to repeat it once as a pattern for a couple of the more complicated ones). It’s a good start. Next I’ll work on larger, more complicated images. Later this week I’ll edit some photos using the frames and filters, etc. 

I’m so happy to have Image Tricks Lite home again! 


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