Notes from Home

No secret here: I make faces. They’re usually sad or worried, occasionally confused, sometimes bereft, bereaved.

Another non-secret: I love bright colors. Saturated, vibrant, enthusiastic, bouncy, lustrous, fulgent, vivid, dazzling, glimmering colors!

I’m happiest when those faces and those colors join together in one image. Home – that’s my “art home.”

For what feels like years we’ve had clouds and rain. This weather makes me feel like I’ve been buried alive at sea. I need sunshine! So…yesterday, in a burst of frustration I opened the “Notes” app on my iPad (not iPad Pro) and made the faces above.

 “Notes” isn’t a drawing app. It isn’t meant to be. But it’s perfect for a quick note (or two) from home. 


  1. Sorry the sunshine hasn’t visited you for so long, I would go into a deep depression if I didn’t have my sun! I suppose I would like a lot like your faces, so much expression, you are so good at expressing emotions! 🌞🥰🌼

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    1. Awww, thank you about the faces!!!! Sunshine really matters, doesn’t it? It can change everything. I hope you get lots of it! Ours FINALLY came out this afternoon – yay! Thank you again!!! 🥰👋


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