Woooohooooo! Vectornator and I Drew Trees!

Tipsy little trees, a vector test image – shown as a Redbubble sticker product. ©Robin King

Not long ago I talked about the Vectornator app and how I wanted to see if we’d get along OK once I began working with it. There’s good news to report: I drew some trees! And not only did I draw them but also successfully turned them into a much larger image (as a transparency) so they could be uploaded to my Redbubble shop for printing on various products – clothing, prints, cases, bags, clocks, comforters, shower curtains, etc. 

This is a major step forward for me because now I can create work that’s not stuck in one size. That’s because vector images can be enlarged without losing resolution. What this means is that I can make not only new patterns and abstract images that’ll be size-adjustable but also new faces, too! YAY!!!

The image above began life as a 1024x1024px svg image. Once I finished drawing it I converted it to a 4000x4000px png to upload for the Redbubble products test. I could’ve made it larger (big enough to suit the largest allowable product image size) but didn’t need to for the test. More good news: my tipsy little trees worked great.

It’s a new world of art-possibilities!

9 thoughts on “Woooohooooo! Vectornator and I Drew Trees!”

  1. Fantastic, Robin King, what you’re doing! I love these artificial 2.0 images. For my texts I “paint” exclusively digitally. Sporting greetings from the Red Sea. jl


  2. Awww, thank you! The edges aren’t “me” but that’s OK. As long as I can do freeform stuff if I want to, I’ll be happy. Those nodes,etc. just make me feel like I’m stuck in cement. The next thing I want to try is a face, not that anyone will want to buy a sad face on a shower curtain 😂 but because if I can do a sad face then I ought to be able to do an angry one. People do seem to like those. Just have to find a way to draw with my mouse (ugh) bec when I got Big Sur my graphic tablet decided it wasn’t compatible. Anyway – trying will be fun! Thank you!!! 🥰👋

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