Lightning Sketch

The past few days have been especially strange, but yesterday was downright frightening. We’ve been hit with storm after storm. Too much rain (bad enough) but then the thunder and lightning arrived, over and over again. “Popcorn” storms, they’re called. When the atmosphere is too hot and too wet it can burst into thunderstorms. The storms pop up suddenly, unexpectedly, like when you pop popcorn and the corn kernels burst in the air. 

Three times yesterday – THREE TIMES – thunder and lightning exploded simultaneously right outside my house. The walls shook. I jumped. Fortunately no damage was done. But I was scared. Expected thunder is bad enough. Predictable storms are bad enough. Lightning in the distance that produces crackling thunder is bad enough.

But these things yesterday? Awful. 

To release some of the tension (not unlike the way popcorn thunderstorms release heat and water from the atmosphere) I grabbed a couple of tempera paint sticks and a tube of acrylic paint, and made the face you see above. Quickly, frantically; then it was done.

We have more storms due today.

I’m not happy.

12 thoughts on “Lightning Sketch”

  1. While I was living in the Midwest, I hated thunderstorms. We really don’t get them in California—I mean, there are thunderstorms, but their rumbles are about as loud as when I close my file cabinet. We do have to worry about lightning strikes, but since they usually occur during the rainy season, we don’t worry about fires as much as a tree possibly coming down. So when I moved to Minnesota, I was completely unprepared for those prairie storms where the sky turns a weird black-green (kind of like that face you drew!) and the thunder is so loud it sounds like the roof is cracking open. The first time I endured one, I actually crawled under the bed with a pillow wrapped around my head. Later, the locals told me I should be more worried about lightning strikes, tornadoes and flash floods that came with the storms. Thanks guys! You sure know how to make a girl feel better!

    I hope you feel better! Summer is not my favorite season for a variety of reasons, though here in California we’re looking at drought and extreme heat this year. There were thunderstorms in the Sierras, but again, they’re nothing compared to what I saw during my time in the Midwest.

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  2. Thank you! I wish I could send you some of our rain!!! We’ve had WAY too much. Floods…leaks. This area has the added attractions of the Atlantic ocean and the Delaware Bay, both a few hours away. When we get too much humidity it sticks around (no pun intended) bec there’s nowhere dry to go. Only strong cold fronts move it out, and those bring storms (sometimes with tornadoes). A few decades ago we used to get moderate rain, gentle showers. Now all we get is storms. Big storms, little storms. Rarely just plain rain. But being where tornadoes are common must be very scary. Ugh. I’m already dreading this year’s hurricanes! I hope you get some cool air and non-flooding rain soon. 🤗


  3. Thank you! We had a few hours free of them today but they’ll be back tonight. 😖 Summer!! Gah!! (and it’s not even mid-June yet!). 🤗👋


  4. Hi!! Yes, those storms aren’t good. Thank you! And thank you for asking about the girls – they run under beds. I wishwishwish we could explain thunder to them! ⚡️😳🥰👋


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