Hello, Vectornator!


A few minutes ago I downloaded Vectornator for Mac.

Vectors and I have a contentious history: they have no use for me and I’m very suspicious of their precision…their freaky neatness. How can anything be that sleek and tidy and clean? ::shivers::

Vectors are impossibly pristine and I’m Pig-Pen. What hope is there for our relationship?

So far, my vector explorations have been limited to Inkscape and a couple of phone apps. Maybe a different platform/interface will help us find a way to get along and enjoy each other. I’m hoping!

That’s where Vectornator comes in. Here’s my first Vectornator image:

“Clicking and Hoping”

Uhhh…LOL…it’s a start, right? The violet blob with the not-so-happy face is me, surrounded by vector confusion. I ran into trouble right away because the “Help” articles seem to have useful words but some of their supporting images don’t match what I have on my screen. They talk about tools that aren’t always where they say they’ll be, and some of them don’t have corresponding icons to look for.  So: I made that first image by clicking on everything. 

Clicking and hoping isn’t the easiest way to learn but it’s a lot of fun. I’ll figure it out!

2 thoughts on “Hello, Vectornator!”

  1. Hi!! Yes!! It’s going to take time, for sure. But I like the possibilities it brings with it. I could make images that could be scaled up to the big products Redbubble offers. Right now I’m limited to patterns that can be repeated. It’d be GREAT to be able to make things that stand alone. Thank you!!! 🥰👋


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