One Long Mark?

When you’re educated for or work in a field, you learn the terminology associated with it. You know: the words that all the other people know but you didn’t know until you knew you needed to know them? Jargon, lingo – the words with special meaning for the people who use them. THOSE words.

I’m still skating around the edges of an art education so I try to use my limited “art vocabulary” carefully.  I don’t want to insult anyone or make myself look even more uninformed than I am. One of the first words I picked up was “mark.” It’s a good word! Short, right to the art point, and clear in its meaning.

Or is it? See that goofy doodle up there? I drew it with a ballpoint pen in one long – very, very long – movement. It’s a crop. There’s a body attached to the head; the entire doodle’s about 12 inches high. I started at one point, then twisted and curved and doubled back and turned around and went forward and backward and…done. ::whew::

So, here’s my question, for those of you who know more art terminology than I do: Was that ONE LONG MARK? 

11 thoughts on “One Long Mark?”

  1. If you didn’t lift the tip of your pen at all while drawing, I think it’s called continuous line contour drawing. (I think? I checked my notes from the last drawing class I took back in 2010. Which are scribbled all over the margins of a sketch. In charcoal!) But if you want to call it one long mark (all caps), go for it! I don’t think lack of technical vocabulary should prevent anyone from drawing. :D

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  2. Well, yes – continuous, for sure. And I know I’ve seen the term “continuous line” referred to in things like this so I’m sure that’s correct. But to my geometry-loving ears “lines” are straight, infinitely long, have no width, and are made of points. LOL – two competing jargons. 😂 Thank you for checking your notes! As to not drawing simply bec of vocabulary? Never. If I let initial lack of specific knowledge stop me from trying stuff I’d never do anything. I was just curious to know how accommodating the word “mark” is, if it would cover something like a continuous – ummm – line. Woooohooooo! Hang on! Got my answers from Wikipedia! The elements, explained! In one sense, it’s a mark. But it’s other things, too, esp that pesky “line.” (A geometry prof from long ago would glare at me for typing that!!) Thank you for inspiring me to look that up! 🥰👋


  3. ~ <—that's a squiggly line. Not at all straight! And since you love geometry and know that lines are made up of points, you really need to spend a couple of weeks in a vector program. Learn how to make line drawings to your heart's content!

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  4. LOL!! Not a line! That’s a curve! 😂😂😂 Hi! I can’t help it, this love I have for geometry. Started early, took over my psyche. VECTORS! So powerful! I tried Inkscape years ago and a couple of vector apps recently. They’re amazing! Wow! But their edges are sleek and neat, not like me at all. They intimidate me. I don’t know what to do with them and their perfection. Will check Inskcape again, tho. Maybe there’s a way to make it messy. 🥰👋

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  5. I’m always blown away when I realize there is an actual term for some of the “techniques” that I come up with! For example, asemic writing, I’d been doing it for years before I realized it was a thing! Just have fun and keep making art! I love your long squiggle mark face, briliant and totally yours!!!😉

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  6. Yes!! Me, too! Sometimes I do a thing and am so excited bec it’s new & wonderful, then find out later it’s something people learn how to do in school! Asemic writing is vey cool! Thank you!!!


  7. That’s one cool & seriously long contiguous doodle, dear Robin 🎨 As per your question, I don’t really know. But, perhaps it does qualify as one long maarrrkkkk 😂🤪

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