It Took Me Three Hours to Eat a Small Banana

For those who may have noticed: I’ve been absent from by blog for several days. Monday I became ill – nothing serious, all better now. But for the time it lasted I was a mess. How much of a mess? It took me three hours to eat a small banana. And even then I wished I hadn’t.

Fortunately, that’s over. ::whew::

But I created no art, visited no websites, did nothing useful except sleep. I’m waaaaaay behind everywhere and will catch up in the next couple of days as my strength returns. 

See you soon!


The image above is a tiny portion of an acrylic/painting cut paper piece I did several years ago. 

18 thoughts on “It Took Me Three Hours to Eat a Small Banana”

  1. Hi!! Thank you! Yes, doing well now – just worn out. It’ll take another day for me to be 100% again. And I’ll need every second of that time to explain to the cats why I’m not their 24hr/day bed the way I was for most of the week. 😸🤗😸


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