Should Robins Tweet?

©️Robin King

When Twitter first began, it was a quirky little mystery, a frenzied flapping of wings and cheery chirps from around the world. I joined early (late 2006?). Somewhere in a file I have my “welcome” email from Biz Stone. There was a public feed (see link to 2006, below). Users were encouraged to share their status updates. I’d been asked to join by a friend from a blogging site called “Vox” (not today’s “Vox” but the original one owned by SixApart). So, I joined Twitter and jumped into the stream of people who were telling the world what they were doing and, sometimes, where. 

It was pure excitement! No links – no ads – no images – no gifs – no memes – no polls – no blocked users – no bots – no follows – no promoted tweets! It was, simply and beautifully, people saying a little about themselves to strangers.

But the one big public feed morphed into other things and the rationale behind Twitter changed. EVERYTHING about it changed. I miss the giddiness of old Twitter but today’s version is useful.

I’ve had many accounts there in the intervening years, all for different reasons. 

For people who want to sell their work, Twitter can be a handy tool. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to use it without spending all of my time there. 

In the next couple of weeks I’m going to start using my Twitter account (username: robinkingfaces) again.

Why? Because Robins should tweet.


Link: So funny! A page of “public timeline” tweets from 2006 – courtesy of the Wayback Machine:


8 thoughts on “Should Robins Tweet?”

  1. I was a very early Twitter user. I don’t recall when I first “Tweeted” but the service was very new and still unfamiliar to most people. There were a lot of fun things going on with Twitter in years past. We’d sometimes start funny games… like a famous quote with “duck” substituted for a word… like “I duck, therefore I am…” A lot of people made a lot of quick quips on different subjects, too, and it was all a lot of fun. It’s not fun now. As you’ve said, it’s changed. I no longer sign in and read anything. :( I miss the good ol’ days, though.

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    1. Hi!! Yes!! Very few people I knew had even heard of it! it was always interesting to log in, see who was around, from where, and what they had to say. LOL – those games sound fun! 😂So true, about it now, tho. It’s bogged down with political and commercial stuff, and seems to separate people instead of bringing them together (except to yell at other people). I do keep a separate account just for contacting “support” people for various businesses. It’s nice to have everything documented when I ask for help or make a change in service – not like a phone call that they can deny later or say wasn’t clear. Twitter’s super for that, esp when I make screenshots of the “chats.” Thank you for stopping by! 🥰👋


    1. I know what you mean! The only way I can use it it to take long breaks from it, which of course defeats the purpose. But Instagram is also a mystery to me. I like it and there are terrific artists there. But it needs to be fed constantly and I just never have enough images to share what I want to share. I try using it for work-in-process pix but I don’t know how useful that is. Oh, well. We keep trying!!! Thank you!! 🤗👋


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