Back to Photography, Happy Again

Years and years ago I had a job as the Easter Bunny’s Helper in a big department store (remember those?). I was the person who wrangled the kids and took the pictures. The camera was a massive box and had to be put inside a dense cloth bag so that I could take the film out to send it away for processing. The bag had zippers and arm sleeves, all designed to keep the light out. The job – aside from the occasional screaming kid – was fascinating! A few years later I had a job that suddenly included writing on-the-job training scripts for employees at our pharmaceutical manufacturing company AND taking pictures that demonstrated the activities. I needed to learn how to use an SLR  fast. The camera was an ancient Pentax that used film (this was pre-digital photography) and had no automatic settings. I took lessons from a local photographer and read as many books on photography as I could find. I loved taking pictures and never stopped after that. 

But paint and paper and clay turned out to be interesting, too. Over time I took fewer pictures. Cameras changed. I changed – LOL. Even though I still “capture” things it’s been a while since I filled a camera card. But I still have lots of photos I can offer the world. Today I took some time to upload the 5 photos above to my “ART BY ROBIN KING” Redbubble site to join the others are already there in my Photography Collection. They’re now available on various Redbubble products (journals, clothing, magnets, stickers, masks, prints, stationery, etc.).

In the weeks to come I’ll add more photography, work that hasn’t been seen yet.

And, as soon as I can sort out a camera that functions well enough I’m going to start shooting pix again. What fun!

13 thoughts on “Back to Photography, Happy Again”

  1. Beautiful photos! I can see you’ve had training in not only photography but art and composition.

    I miss my old film camera, a Nikon that I got for a photography class in college. At the start, we were allowed to use cameras loaned out by the art department. but when the college’s budget was slashed (plus some jerk stole a couple of them), we had to get our own. It was one of the few times where I actually learned something I put to use after I graduated, lol. When digital cameras became popular, it was impossible to find a place that would develop film for a reasonable price, so I had to retire the old Nikon. I haven’t gotten a digital DSLR camera to replace it—they’re insanely expensive, and I don’t like hauling all that equipment when I travel anyway. But my iPhone takes pretty decent pictures. I miss having a zoom lens and being able to control the exposure, but I’m not taking wildlife or special FX pictures.

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  2. Oh, sorry you’re missing it.😕 Was it “pre-digital?” Technology’s wonderful but WOW it can eliminate some very special things.
    Thank you for visiting! 🤗👋


  3. I’ve never been able to not alternate or do both, take pics and make pics, lol! Sometimes they get very close in realization anyways, lol! When I do produce a good image, one I really like, I’m always amazed, photo or pigment – just a marvel and mystery to me heart ♥️ I’ve a feeling, seeing your digital work, you’re much the same way, Robin 💕

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  4. Hi! Thank you very much! Being the Bunny’s helper was a lot of fun sometimes – had a few drawbacks, tho. But taking the pictures was great! I learned soooo much! 🤗👋

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  5. Awww, thank you! That’s very kind of you to say!
    Film was very cool. It was expensive, tho, and I never liked leaving the processing/printing to someone else. It would have been WONDERFUL to have a darkroom, etc.! That’s sad, about the school’s camera thief. People! Yes, the dslrs can be crazy expensive but there are some very nice multi-featured ones that aren’t. I like my iPhone’s pix, too, but I need large images for Redbubble, so that’s a problem. My “old” dslr is “only” 12 megapixels – now 20mp is routine. Too $ for me, tho, for sure. Thank you again!! 🥰👋


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